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After attending White House Christmas party, Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis winds up with coronavirus

Hey, remember how the White House said it was going forward with its end of year holiday parties but that it would be taking extra precautions to make sure nobody got sick? Well, at least one party attendee has now tested positive for coronavirus.

According to Axios, Trump’s lawyer, Jenna Ellis, tested positive shortly after attending a Christmas party for senior staff in the West Wing last Friday.

Now, all the other partygoers are in an absolute panic since, of course, hardly anybody was wearing masks or social distancing at the yuletide gathering.

“People brought their families,” one senior White House official who was there says. “She had the nerve to show up at the senior staff Christmas party knowing everyone was furious with her for constantly stirring Trump up with nonsense.”

It’s not known whether Ellis had the virus when she attended the party or if she contracted it sometime after, but the diagnosis comes mere days after her legal sidekick, Rudy Giuliani, checked into a Washington, DC hospital for COVID-19.

When a reporter at Axios contacted Ellis to confirm whether the reports were true, she called the person “rude” and said, “You must be more informed than me because I haven’t heard that.”

But at least three senior White House officials confirmed to Axios that they’ve been informed of Ellis’ diagnosis.

“This is bound to become a super spreader,” another attendee tells Politico. “She was mingling with everyone and no one was wearing a mask.”

Here’s how Twitter has been responding to the whole thing…

Be best, Jenna.

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