Attention All Male Students: You Cannot Graduate Without A Penis Examination

THE SHOT – A fake flyer distributed among male students at Carlmont High School in Redwood City, California requiring them to attend mandatory penis inspections before graduation. Note the name of the “Director of Genital Correctness” and the one surefire way to fail a penis inspection. Gotta have standards, y’know.

Ohh, high school. You can graduate but you can never really leave.

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  • Hahaha

    As I was reading the article I got more and more shocked, and by the end I was totally lost for words. And then I read your caption beneath. Oh, Queerty…

  • Red Meat

    Lmao shaved balls are a fail.

  • Bubba

    The question is did anyone show up? and how many parents went off and started calling the school ETC?????

  • Steve

    Just a few questions:

    Who is going to perform the inspections?
    Will he use the oral method, or the manual method?
    Will a Prince Albert have any affect on the score?

  • fuzzy


  • Cam


  • LukeJoe

    What really makes it look authentic is the pirated iStock artwork, watermark intact.

  • greybat

    Excellent! Keep ’em hairy! Hairiness is next to Godliness.

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)


    Although, various military used to conduct “short arm” inspections for obvious venereal disease up through the Korean War (and later) either by forming-up a long line in their shorts in front of the Doctor, or for some of the Brits and Aussies by standing in formation “at parade” and dropping-trou’ en-masse for their commanding officers and their unit’s medical officer. Part of the point was that preventing future venereal disease involved shaming-the-miscreant in-public…also for foreskin hygiene.

    Hmmm, all that prime beef, standing outdoors in the Sun in just their shorts, dog-tags and (optional) t-shirts. The mind boggles…

  • alienmindtrick

    Actually it says “Director of Genital Corrections” and it makes me wonder if there will be a rabbi, a doctor, or a body piercer present.

  • Andrew C

    Thought this was funny until I read at the top the “Director of Genital Corrections” name is “John E. Dong”.

    Therefor I doubt the legit-ness of this flyer. GG. Almost had me.

  • Mars Masters

    Would somebody PLEASE grab and crush Andrew C’s heneggs?! Dude is such a daffy dick drainer.(He eats da poo-poo)

  • Raxus

    You do realize that this is a fake? The memo is dated June 2011 but the inspections are May 2011….

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