Attorney General Wants Supreme Court to Nix Mexico City’s Gay Marriage Law

Mexico City’s stab at marriage equality is facing a similar challenge to California’s: On the basis of “protecting the children,” the country’s attorney general is appealing to Mexico’s Supreme Court to void the law. Also because letting gays marry in the nation’s capital is unconstitutional!

Expect a showdown. City officials say they’re sticking to plans to implement the law on March 4. But the attorney general is hoping the Supreme Court will step in and stay the law until a ruling is issued. Its main argument? Civil unions, which Mexico currently has, are good enough for the gays.

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  • OhYeah

    No wonder people hate us. Just look at the picture.

  • schlukitz

    No. 1 · OhYeah

    No wonder people hate us. Just look at the picture.

    Would you say the same thing if the men in the picture were Chippendale models, or is that just your own homophobia showing?

  • OhYeah

    @no.2 Schmuckits
    Chippendales??? What does that have to do with anything? Get a life…

  • schlukitz

    No. 3 · OhYeah

    Um…judging from your comment, it would appear that it is you who needs to get one.

    With your piss poor attitude toward gays, I somehow can’t see people like you getting people to hate us any the less. Comments like your first one, only serve to feed into and support that hatred.

  • OhYeah

    @no4 Schumuckts
    wah wah wah cry me a river… Yeah, keep justifying those two in the picture as if they were role models. Riiiight…

  • rainfish2000

    Uh, huh, because heterosexuals are all soooooo vanilla…every single one of them in every thing they do.

    Just google for Weird Weddings and take a gander.

    I wonder if Heterosexuals ask themselves during a “Vampire” or a
    “Star Wars” themed wedding underwater or para-sailing from a cliff if anybody might hate them for being freaks? I doubt it. But then again, we are to be held to a different standard because our civil rights are in jeopardy. Right?

    Soooo, let us all behave properly so as not to offend the hater-o-sexuals. Hands folded in laps… comb your hair…sit up “straight”…dress sensibly…and, for god’s sake…don’t look queer!

    (A Conservative heterosexual wedding EXAMPLE AT THE LINK BELOW (want to marry a fishman?):

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