‘ATWT’ Actors Respond To Gay Protest

It’s incredible what a vagina can do for a storyline!

As The World Turns Terri Colombino says it’s her nether regions that keep her storyline on sexual track, while gay teens Noah and Luke have barely made it to first base, an omission that’s led to widespread protest. From Popnography:

Austin Peck (Brad) and Terri Colombino (Katie) — whose steamy, straight sex scenes are by far the most racy on the show — don’t mince words when asked about the Nuke cool-down. “ATWT got scared off because there were two men,” Peck tells Out.

Colombino says there’s one simple reason her character’s sex life won’t suffer the same fate: “I have a vagina.”

Meanwhile, another actor close to the shows hints that producers may dodge a controversial kiss by breaking up the gay teen couple.

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  • fredo777

    If they break up Nuke, they’d damn sure better be ready to fill in the gay slot otherwise.

  • Jcraze

    Thats Absurd.. Ya i am sure the loyal viewers of Nuke will stick around after that.. Load of BS

  • akaison

    It also doesn’t make any sense considering there is Brothers and Sisters and other shows already showing kissing. They are stupid. Why even go there, if you didn’t expect this to occur? Truly bizzare thinking.

  • GranDiva


    You’re comparing apples and oranges there…

    Brothers and Sisters is in prime-time on a Sunday night on ABC. As The World Turns is a five-episode-a-week daytime drama on CBS. Completely different demographics, and, it follows, totally different advertising base. These things do factor in…

  • jeff

    It is really pitiful though. Of course the “demographics” and the advertisers must be considered, but we as a culture must also not play into the prejudice of people to engender wealth. The producers of ATWT should be saluted for being brave enough to bring this gay relationship to daytime television. I believe that bravery will carry them through this storm, and they will find the same courage to allow just as much gratuitous, wanton sex to permeate Nuke as they do the others. Agreed fellas!?

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