“Gay Cure” Therapist Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison For Molesting Male Patients

Aubrey LevinDr. Aubrey Levin, a “gay cure” therapist convicted of sexually assaulting his male patients, has been sentenced in Canada to five years in prison.

The 74-year-old South African native had been facing eight years but the judge reduced his sentence due to his age and health problems.

Gay Star News reports:

Levin was convicted on three counts of sexual assault by a jury last week. Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Donna Shelley told the disgraced doctor that it was a “horrible violation of the trust of these three patients.”

“They came to you for help for their problems,” she said. “Instead you added to their problems.”

While the Crown asked for six to eight years, the defense argued Levin was a frail senior and suggested a sentence of 60-90 days to be served on weekends.

Shelley said: “Dr Levin, knowing of the many vulnerabilities of these victims, employed a strategy which would give him the opportunity to sexually assault his patients. Dr Levin’s profession and his training would make him more informed than the average sexual assaulter to the serious psychological and emotional harm that can result from a sexual assault,” she added.

“These three men were already emotionally and psychologically fragile.”

Levin was originally accused by nine different men but the jury acquitted him of two of those charges and were unable to reach a verdict on the other four victims.

Levin lost his license in 2010 after a former patient came forward with secret video footage he had recorded during court-ordered sessions with the therapist. The videos, played in court last fall, showed Levin undoing the man’s belt and jeans then appearing to fondle him.

Before emigrating to Canada, Levin earned the nickname Dr. Shock for subjecting hundreds of gay soldiers and conscientious objectors to electric shock “therapy” during South Africa’s apartheid era.

Last year, a South African journalist claimed that “Levin and his team also performed chemical castration as well as forced…gender reassignment surgery on gay men as a ‘cure’ for being gay.”

Levin’s defense attorney Chris Archer hopes his client will be released on bail once an appeal has been filed.

“With a 74-year-old man you’re looking at the end of your life and whether or not this is going to be a significant part of it or whether or not you’re going to die in jail,” Archer said.

We’re not legal experts or anything, but doesn’t a guy like this deserve to die in jail?

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  • Fidelio

    He deserves, minimum, 8 years of jail and ought to serve them, but to ask whether he deserves to die in a jail is a bit irresponsible.

  • wiredpup

    Nasty old man.

  • randalaw

    A red letter day indeed, what with this story and the confession of blogger Matt Moore, the ex-gay activist whose ad was found on Grindr.

    To quote Lewis Carroll,”O frabjous day! Callou, callay!”

  • 2eo

    @randalaw: Indeed, this year continues its trend of being enormous victory after enormous victory for us, and all moral, educated humans on this planet.

    They’re on the back foot everywhere, they’re frightened and scratching as we shine a light on their trillions of failures.

  • rand503

    Yet another reason why Tony Perkins hates porn.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @Fidelio: No Fidelio, I, at least, do not think its going too far to want this man to die while in prison.

    That the perp is elderly does not diminish his culpability for sexual abuse. That he is more likely than not to die during his sentence is too bad for him.

    Check out some of the South African stories about this monster. Alas, an unfortunate side-effect of the gargantuan effort to prevent civil war and mob rule retribution, namely, SA’s truth and reconciliation, monsters like Levin were allowed to escape punishment for their vile evil anti-humanity deeds.

    So, yeah, this monster should be imprisoned for life, and I hope that that happens.

  • Aidan8

    Young black or brown guy charged with 1, convicted of 1, gets 10 years in prison.
    Old white guy charged with 9, convicted of 3, gets 5 years.

    Young black or brown guy steals $100 worth of clothing… goes to jail
    Old super-rich white guy steals $100,000,000 via banking “irregularities”… goes to St. Martin

    Lady Justice needs a new blindfold…

  • D9W

    What about the health problems he’s caused everyone else?

  • hyhybt

    Part of me says a longer sentence wouldn’t matter at that age with poor health… the other part says that, if anything, the suggestion that they only lock him up on weekends deserves extra time in and of itself.

  • Chad Hunt

    This is so typical of these gay “cure” therapists and facilities. They are usually run by self-hating gay men who seize this opportunity to pray on the weak minded.

  • hyhybt

    @Chad Hunt: Praying wouldn’t be so bad, but the preying is.

  • Chad Hunt

    @hyhybt: LOL … I hate when I misspell things and post them

  • hyhybt

    @Chad Hunt: I wouldn’t have mentioned it, except it totally changes the meaning.

  • Harley

    How about first they give him a little electroshock therapy, then perform chemical castration as well forced gender reassignment surgery. No less then what he did to others.

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