Aubrey O’Day Brings Puppy, Girlfriend to Party

Former “Danity Kane” diva Aubrey O’Day wasn’t skilled enough for Diddy, but it seems she has become pretty skilled at sneaking her friends inside hot Hollywood parties. Miss O’Day attended the Zen Green Tea Liqueur launch in Hollywood on Wednesday night where she drank and danced the night away before suddenly pulling out a puppy from her purse. But little Ginger wasn’t the only date Aubrey brought to the bash, she was also accompanied by what we’re told is her girlfriend. Yes, girlfriend. “That’s right,” a pal told Tarts. “Aubrey is out and proud.”[Fox News]

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  • Alexa

    Oh please. She’s about as gay as the tedious Katy Perry.

  • Trenton

    If she’s actually out, feh…she’s still a no-name, no-brain, no-talent fame whore. Double feh. And if she’s pulling this shit just to garner attention (sadly more likely), I hope that she has a stroke and that the tragic little pooch she totes around eats half of her face by the time that they find her body.

  • hardmannyc

    1) Who is this person?
    2) Why do we care who this person is?
    3) When will Japhy get that people outside of “the Industry” don’t give a shit about these nobodies?

  • Butterpantz

    Trying the old “I kissed a Girl and I Liked it” routine. Gah this is shameless.

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