Aunt Boo Says MYOB In Public Restrooms And Everyone Can Have A “Wonderful Bathroom Experience”

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Meet Aunt Boo. She’s a God-fearing, Christ-loving comedienne from Raleigh, N.C. with a Facebook following of approximately 335,000 fans. She regularly posts videos featuring advice about things like the importance of personal hygiene, why you shouldn’t drink and drive and how to survive a sexual assault. She also has a video of herself returning an unsatisfactory hamburger to McDonald’s and another about installing locks on her kitchen cabinets so crackheads don’t steal her groceries.

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In her latest video, Aunt Boo discusses the very hot topic of trans people using public bathrooms. One might think, given her Christian background, and that she resides in the current epicenter of anti-LGBTQ discrimination, she would be in support of the uptick in anti-LGBTQ laws regulating the bathroom use of trans people, but no.

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Aunt Boo wants the world (aka her 335,000 followers, many of whom are Christian) to know that just because a person is trans doesn’t mean they are a sex offender. But to any non-LGBTQ sex offenders out there who may be peeking at her going to the bathroom, you better watch out.

“If you’re minding your business and I’m minding mine, we’re going to have a wonderful bathroom experience,” she says. “When your outside matches your inside, use the corresponding restroom, please.”


Check out Aunt Boo’s video below.

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