Aussie AG Seeks Gay Reform

Australian Attorney General Robert McClelland has our vote. The legal-minded politico yesterday announced “overdue” plans to ingrain gay equality into federal law. About 100 laws will have to be revamped, he said, because a recent review found them to be discriminatory.

Everything from workplace compensation to social security will get revamped during these reforms, says McClelland.

The changes will provide for equality of treatment in wide range of area including superannuation, taxation, social security, workers compensation, pharmaceutical benefits

These will make a practical difference to the lives of a group of fellow Australians who, far too long, have suffered discrimination at a commonwealth level.

Discrimination on the basis of sexuality has long been removed from state and territory laws and this will compete the picture by introducing long-overdue reforms to remove discrimination from commonwealth laws.

And then Australia can truly be Oz. Except for the flying monkeys and shit…