'Too Busy' For Justice?

Aussie Coppers Won’t Investigate Anti-Gay Attack

What a cop out! Sydney police claim they’re “too busy” to investigate a brutal homophobic attack. Craig Gee and his boyfriend Shane Brennen were walking hand-in-hand last month when two thugs beat and robbed them, saying, “Give us your money, you fucking faggot.” Plurality obviously isn’t their thing.

The assailants allegedly beat Gee and Brennen to the ground, leaving Gee with a fractured skull and a necessary appointment with a plastic surgeon. Despite the severity of the blows, cops have repeatedly rebuffed Gee and Brennen’s calls for justice.

Via Sydney Star Observer:

The couple claim they were repeatedly turned away from Surry Hills police station because the reporting officer was not available.

Their trauma was exacerbated when Gee’s mother received a call from his stolen mobile four days after the attack saying, “We killed your faggot son.”

The couple’s friends and colleagues also received homophobic calls and text messages threatening rape and violence.

Police told the couple to cancel the mobile service to prevent additional charges, but could not say if they could be used to locate the assailants. Gee’s credit cards were used to pay for two taxis shortly after the attack.

“We had to push for police to seek the CCTV tapes before they were overwritten. We were told over the phone ‘I’ve already spent too much time on this’.” Brennen said.

The Sydney Star Observer attempted to contact coppers, but have yet to get a response. Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore has also put some pressure on cops, who have since come up with CCTV image. That image, however, has yet to yield any leads.