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Aussie PM Julia Gillard’s Step-Daughter Says She Supports Marriage Equality (While Stripping Down For Men’s Magazine)

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has used one of those typical reasons to defend the country’s ban on same-sex ban. Something about strengthening families? Protecting an institution? Hey, what does that better than seeing the daughter of your almost-husband Tim Mathieson get all sexy in respectable magazine Zoo?

Staci Child, who lives in the U.S., is the adult daughter of Mathieson — the real estate agent who’s been seeing Gillard since 2006 — and decided to become a celebrity by stripping down and posing with the Aussie flag. She shot the magazine spread before Gillard secured the prime minster spot (see a behind the scene’s video here), and immediately inserted herself into the gay marriage debate: Staci supports her, her pseudo stepmother does not.

But I bet they both look hot in bikinis!