Aussie Racer Apologizes For “Racist, Gaycist” Remark

Australian race car driver and television host Grant Denyer got reamed after making a racialist joke on the radio earlier this week. Sitting down for a morning chat, Denyer compared his post-Logie (the Australian television awards) hangover to having sex with a black man: “So it was a big old day … let me say I’m feeling like I had sex with a black man right now.” The Dancing With The Stars winner and former weatherman went on to joke, “I’ll be the host who looks like he’s been riding a horse for a week.” We don’t know what kind of booze Denyer guzzled, but it must have been strong to affect his anus in such a way.

We may jest, but some gay activists have some pretty twisted panties. Simon Biber chided Denyer, insisting his words perpetuate racist stereotypes:

It’s homophobic but the racial slur is more serious, appealing as it does to a stereotype. It’s harmful, but unfortunately it’s not uncommon.

Denyer has since apologized for the remark, saying, “Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn’t go out to offend. It was a wobbly joke, made way too early in the morning.” Had it been the afternoon – well, that’d be a different story.

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