Aussie Racer Apologizes For “Racist, Gaycist” Remark

Australian race car driver and television host Grant Denyer got reamed after making a racialist joke on the radio earlier this week. Sitting down for a morning chat, Denyer compared his post-Logie (the Australian television awards) hangover to having sex with a black man: “So it was a big old day … let me say I’m feeling like I had sex with a black man right now.” The Dancing With The Stars winner and former weatherman went on to joke, “I’ll be the host who looks like he’s been riding a horse for a week.” We don’t know what kind of booze Denyer guzzled, but it must have been strong to affect his anus in such a way.

We may jest, but some gay activists have some pretty twisted panties. Simon Biber chided Denyer, insisting his words perpetuate racist stereotypes:

It’s homophobic but the racial slur is more serious, appealing as it does to a stereotype. It’s harmful, but unfortunately it’s not uncommon.

Denyer has since apologized for the remark, saying, “Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn’t go out to offend. It was a wobbly joke, made way too early in the morning.” Had it been the afternoon – well, that’d be a different story.

Grant Denyer apologies for gay black sex comment [Generation Q]
Denyer sorry for black sex gag [National Nine News]

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  • dwight

    Oy vey … As a gay, black man, I am soooooo NOT offended by that joke. I have even made the big penis joke a time or two myself. Just when you think political correctness couldn’t get any more ludicrous!

  • Frozen North

    Ugh. Didn’t anyone read Peter and the Wolf as a kid?
    (And no I’m not talking about the Tom of Finland version.)

  • nystudman

    As someone who has sex with (several!) black men, I’m at a loss to understand what’s offensive about this remark. I can relate!

  • Alan down in Florida

    Was he speaking from prior first hand experience? Not the first metaphor that would have sprung to my mind and I have first hand experience. Did they say he won Dancing With The Stars? Mmm???? A clue perhaps?

  • el polacko

    certainly an interesting choice of metaphor.
    .. and yeah, i know all about ‘sexualizing the black man’ blah blah, but i STILL can’t wrap my head around having a big dick as an insult. (plus.. hellloooo… it’s, generally speaking of course, TRUE )

  • el polacko

    oh wait.. he said it was ‘LIKE having sex with a black man’, so that’s a simile not a metaphor, right ?
    i shouldn’t try to type while i’m thinking about big dicks.

  • Mike

    Actually el polacko, a simile is a type of metaphor, so you’re covered.

  • James

    el polacko,

    ” (plus.. hellloooo… it’s, generally speaking of course, TRUE )”

    Some proof would be nice.

    As for the insult, it is similar to Asians getting the “model minority” tag. And it is also part of the whole black male “sexual super-star” thing which is also a tad bit annoying.

    And please no one post about how your black lovah rocked your world and made you see God.

  • John

    I must say, interracial gay sex is the hottest thing ever.

    For me, it has nothing to do with specific fetishes. We all know the stereotypes…blacks have big cocks, whites are naughty/kinky, asians are eager to please, hispanics have great stamina (blah blah blah). But who cares about that, really. It’s just awesome to see intimacy between two guys who have been taught by society to hate each other. There’s something very transgressive and erotic about the act (in and of itself).

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