Aussie Rules Football Begins

aussie rules football gay touch

The problem with American football in our opinion has always been the padding. We’re sure that the men underneath are great athletes with sexy bodies, but who can really tell? We start imagining that the shoulderpads are actually part of their bodies and it goes downhill from there with Incredible Hulk associations, etc.

Here is where Australian football, or “Aussie Rules” comes in, with tight little shorts. Fondly referred to as “footy” by locals, which is very cute, the sport is like a cross between soccer and rugby with no protective gear, not even for their balls, which are often plainly visible through the aforementioned shorts.

The “Aussie Rules” season starts tonight, but you can only tune in on satellite television or the Internet since Fox Sports World recently dropped its coverage.

Don’t miss our favorite action photo after the jump.

aussie rules football gay touch

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