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Aussie trainer Ryan Hurst on how to “show off your butt” during gym workouts

This post is part of a series of Queerty interviews with models, trainers, dancers, and, well, people who can inspire the rest of us to stay in shape.

Name: Ryan Hurst, 24 (@ryan_hurst_pt)

Occupation, besides training: I keep myself quite busy just doing personal training.

Home: Brisbane, Australia

Favorite Gym: Olympia Transformations or Goodlife

Favorite Work Out Song: At Olympia, because I work there, I can choose the music that plays in the gym while I work out. A lot of modern pop like Ariana Grande, remixes of popular songs, empowering songs, songs with a bass beat. And I crank the music up loud.

Recommended Work-Out Foods: A small portion of chocolate to get you hyped up for the session.

Favorite athletic outfit: When I train upper body I wear low rise tank tops and lower body sport shorts that show off my butt. I’m wearing ECHT gym clothes at the moment.

How do you balance staying in shape and having fun? It’s very hard finding a balance, most people don’t understand the amount of time you need to put into staying so in shape. I have gym sessions with the other trainers at my gym and hang out on the weekends with some close friends. Otherwise, I am working or training myself for the rest of the time. Just have to remember that rest time is important too.

Tip for staying in shape: Best workout tip is consistency. Have food prepped for the week, have set days and times that you train and train the same order every week so you get into a routine. Once you get into that routine for a couple months you’ll find it hard to stop.

Bonus pics, because we care: