Aussie’s Got The Goods


We don’t know what methods of sluttery they had to employ, but our friends over at Towleroad snagged some pics from Australian fag rag DNA‘s swimwear special issue.

What the fuck’s Mark Latham talking about? These are some fine male specimens.

It’s the afternoon and we imagine you need a little perking up, so to speak, so troll on over there and take a peek. One note: we’ve never looked, nor shall we ever look so good in a swimsuit. Those Aussie bastards!

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  • Jason

    The cover model is not even Australian. He is an American kid. I met him last summer he was a waiter at a gay charity event out in the Hamptons and, let me say, he is even HOTTER in person. His name is Tyler Moyer. WOW!!!

  • Manny

    Mark Latham! Well kids Mark Latham is a twat! He is a discgraced politician in Australia who was forced to resign last year because of degrading slurs he made towards women in public while he was in a drunken stupor! Then 48 hours after he was forced out of office he tried to commit suicide, like his career he even failed at that. He has written a book called “A Conga Line Of Suckholes” where he is quoted to say “Gay men are diluting proper men (being straight men) with their gayness.” Is there such a word as Gayness? Well we obviousley didn’t dilute Mr Latham enough considering the mans poor dress sense and choice of haircuts.

    As for his book – well I have read graffiti on toilet walls that made more sense than the rot he has written, pay no attention to him, he wouldn’t know the meaning of taste even if it jumped up and bit him on the backside, just take a look at his wife!!! I rest my case.

    As for DNA using American models on the front of their magazine, they do that every so often, I have no idea what their reasoning is behind this. It’s not as if there aren’t enough good looking men in Australia to make the cover of their magazine. But either way I am sure that Tyler is much better looking in the flesh than what he is on recycled paper, he is a bit of a honey, and so sqeezable!!

    Sydney Australia.

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