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Austin Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr Comes Out As Straight In Ethics Scandal

Austin’s NAACP president Nelson Linder thought he was just standing up for Austin Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr when he found, in a series of dumped emails between city officials, Mayor Lee Leffingwell referring to Kerr referred to as a “company man.” According to Linder’s ethics complaint, it is “public knowledge” Kerr is gay, and thus referring to her as a “company” man is a slur against her sexuality. Except? Kerr, who took the job in 2009, insists she’s a hetero: “I am not a gay woman. I am totally supportive of all of my LGBT friends and workers and employees. I would just like the record to be straight that I am not a gay woman.” Oh, what an Oprah-Gayle moment! So does that make the “company man” description kosher?