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Austin Rhodes has choice words for trolls criticizing his older boyfriend

The Internet was made for porn and faceless cruelty, and YouTube star Austin Rhodes has been experiencing a strong dose of the latter.

A few fans (fanemies?) have apparently taken issue with Rhodes’ decision to date an older man.

The 21-year-old, who’s become Internet-famous thanks to chatty YouTube vids co-starring twin brother Aaron, has been dating hair stylist Justin Anderson for three months.

In his latest vid, Rhodes confronts his critics head/hair on:

“Let’s just have a discussion about it because I feel like this is always something that comes up on all of our comments,” says Austin.

“I remember when you guys first got into a relationship how weird I was about it,” Aaron replies.

“I understand where people come from when it’s not like ‘typical’ and whatever,” Austin snaps back, “but everyone’s relationship is so different.”

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“What works for me and my boyfriend is going to be totally different from what works for somebody else,” he says.

“For anyone to judge from the outside when they don’t know how the two people are with each other. Plus, most people commenting don’t even know that we’ve been together for three years.”

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Aaron adds his two cents:

“I’m just going to stand up on a soapbox for a second, and this is only directed towards a few people within the LGBT community.”

“When you see somebody in our community coming at the two of them, who are madly in love with each other… it literally makes no sense, because we’re the first ones to say ‘Love is love’ and ‘everyone should have love’.

“Why don’t we just lift each other up and accept the fact that not everyone is like you.”

We definitely don’t see a problem here. 

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Watch the vid below: