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  • Jack

    …Well that’s different.

  • j

    Imagine how ashamed this mans parents are. You’ve only one life to live…Who wants to spend it marrying their dog??

  • san

    Poor dog, probably doesn’t know what just happened.

  • Nick Farben

    Does this mean the dog can collect alimony if it doesn’t work out?
    Heh… Sounds like an elaborate joke…

    Marriage in Australia is at a record low since World War 1. De facto partner laws grant long-term cohabiting couples, gay or straight, with much of the same rights as married couples; so few feel the need to marry.

    I’d marry any of my friends if someone offered me a beer to do it. Pfft. Whatever, bam, married, eat cake, done, divorced, let’s party.

  • Nick Farben

    Heck I’d marry my cat for beer…

    What’s that kitty? Meow meow meow? I can’t believe you’re accusing me of brushing another cat… This is outrageous… you’re sleeping on the couch tonight.


    Probably last longer than most straight or Gay marriages……….

  • Chris

    I am embarrassed to be an Australian.

    On the other hand, a dog has a fantasticly stupid love for his owner and it kind of makes roundabout idiotic sense.


  • ait10101

    According to our local paper the man says there is nothing sexual, it’s just “Plutonic love”.

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