Australia TV Anchor Ron Wilson Tells Sydney Mardi Gras Chairman His Gay Parade Is ‘Disgusting’

Ron Wilson, a news anchor with Australia’s Ten Network, invited Sydney Mardi Gras co-chair Pete Urmson on his program, where he then proceeded to tell Urmson about
the mega parade on Saturday: “Some of the spectacles you’re seeing, I’m assuming would even make you cringe. It becomes an exploitation almost of a sexual image rather than trying to explore the diversity of lifestyle.” And while it appears some of Queerty‘s own readers would agree, Aussie activist Gary Burns is launched a formal complaint with the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board, because, he says in a statement, “Ron Wilson referring to homosexual people as ‘disgusting’ via a public act (in this case, television) breaches the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act. The Mardi Gras may not be everyone’s cup of tea but surely diversity on a night like this is acceptable.”

This year’s Mardi Gras was more prescient than ever, with the country’s activists and lawmakers battling over same-sex marriage.

After Wilson’s remarks, Urmson responds: “Our community is extremely colorful, and we celebrate our diversity through–.” He was interrupted by Wilson, who says, “there’s a difference between colorful and disgusting.” Wilson couldn’t leave the point alone, adding at the end that the events “really do seem to cross the line, though.”

That was following by Wilson arguing, “There’s acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. Why not let time take care of the gay marriage issue rather than pushing it?” Urmson rebutted: “Because if we don’t push for it, no one’s going to, and time will just pass by,” you fucking moron.

Then network insists in a statement didn’t do anything so terrible:

TEN Morning News featured 8 minutes of overwhelmingly positive coverage of Mardi Gras. Ron Wilson congratulated organisers on the success of the 2011 event. One small section of the interview raised a question about behaviour by some participants. The phrasing might not have been ideal, and TEN apologises if any viewers took offence. However, it is not unreasonable for alternative views to be put to organisers and the interview talent agreed that while he didn’t hold the view, some sections of society may.

While Wilson himself says:

As a journalist my job is to present an issue from different perspectives. If anyone took offence at anything I said during the interview I apologise. I fully support the gay community in its campaign to promote the issue of gay marriage and I congratulate the gay and lesbian community on the success of Mardi Gras.

Oh jesus, dude. You said some terrible things, exposed your obvious homophobia and intolerance, and now you’re trying to save your job. (You also just revealed your support for same-sex marriage, making you a TOTALLY BIASED JOURNALIST, haha!)