Australia Would Like All You Sexting Sluts To Be Ashamed Of Yourselves

You know why you should never send pictures of your tits and willies to other people online? Because it makes you a despicable slut, that’s why. Nevermind all the pervy, perverted perverts perving out to your bits and then sending them to their creepy friends. Nevermind your judgmental prude classmates who’d rather eye-stab you than hate on the jerk who posted your boobs on Tumblr. Nevermind your school full of sexual harassment lawsuits just waiting to happen—if you send a single shot of your cha-cha or your cho-cho online, you’re just begging for a scarlet letter. Enjoy your shame prison, Hester Prynne!

Sexting can’t be that bad if Rihanna likes it, right?

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  • How to Sleep

    Such things can never be stopped. Whenever you would share your such pictures there is high probability that it will be shared.

  • Chris

    Wow, that title wasn’t hyperbolic at all.
    I watched this episode of Hungry Beast last Wednesday though and I couldn’t agree more!

  • Aussie Col

    Classic. Some attitudes towards women have not changed since bible times. Poor fellow, victim of that scheming vixen. However, obviously shamed by the condemnation of the nice & virtuous innocent onlookers – she runs off, obviously to join the nunnery or if she hasn’t learned the lessons of the withering looks, she runs off to become a crack whore. He becomes footy captain and a political or religious leader in the community.

  • Tommy

    Lol, Megan is a slut!

  • Sebizzar

    It’s dumb enough to take sexual pictures anyway, especially if you’re under age. I’d never do that to please anyone, i’d feel like a cyber slut lol.

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