Australian Christianist Counter-Protestor Lovingly Throws Wicked Lesbian From Wheelchair

200 people gathered outside parliament during an initially peaceful rally for the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia in Adelaide, Australia today before members of the Adelaide Street Church showed up waving their “God hates sinners” banner, getting in people’s faces, yelling loudly, and (according to two people) pushing a woman out of her wheelchair. A member of the church said that they didn’t come to disrupt but to love everybody and just quote the bible. Jesus loves (it when you throw crippled people to the ground).

It seems part of the anti-gay Christianist strategy these days to try to provoke LGBT folks into violence. Refusing to sink to their level makes them seem even crazier, but is there any way we can incorporate footage of their hateful signs and violence into our marriage equality PSAs?

In happier news the pro-LGBT folks outnumbered the haters at the most recent stop of the National Organization for Marriage’s “Summer of Hate” bus tour.