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Australian Churches Given OK to Ban Gays From Their Hospitals + Schools


Normally we’d have no problem with a state government allowing religious institutions to discriminate however they saw fit, because well, that’s their right, however ignominious. But when the Australian state Victoria granted religious groups the right to discriminate against gays, single women, and people of other faiths at their schools and hospitals — while not being allowed to discriminate based on race, age, or disability — well, that’s just not right.

It’s being called a “compromise” between the state and religious groups, but the only ones compromising are the three groups still not protected by discrimination laws. Christian churches that run schools, hospitals, and social service organizations can refuse to teach, treat, or help homos or Muslims. Oh, and hire women. That’s right: Institutions run by faith groups can get away with discriminating against gender and gender identity, along with marital and parental status.

Supposedly, Victoria’s Attorney General Rob Hulls approved of the change because it’ll allow religious groups to continue operating schools and hospitals without having to hire or help anyone who “undermines” their religious beliefs.