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Australian Churches Just Got The OK To Continue Banning Gays While Spending Tax Dollars

Even if they receive taxpayer dollars, religious groups in Australia’s New South Wales can keep their anti-gay discrimination policies, a government review agency just decided. Which means it’s about time everyone who hates the gays but wants their tax dollars starts calling themselves a “church.”

The NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal sided with religious freedom over government mandate that federal and state funds not be used in the act of making gays second-class. Guess who’s celebrating?

The ruling, made in the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal, has been hailed by the Catholic Church but has outraged civil libertarians, who are demanding religions no longer be exempt from anti-discrimination laws if they receive public money. The Council of Civil Liberties suggested more children might end up in orphanages because church-based service providers could now knock back couples who did not conform to their beliefs. … Cardinal George Pell [pictured] welcomed the decision and said churches must be able to choose who they wanted to use in the provision of services.

But the tribunal said in its report that the exiting exemption clauses for religious institutions, on which it based its decision, might best be revised by lawmakers who can pass new bills narrowing the wiggle room of church-led groups. The case, which has been seven years in the making, began when a gay couple were blocked from becoming foster parents by the Wesley Mission Australia, a Methodist-affiliated Uniting Church charity. But even the church acknowledges the ruling isn’t the final say on the matter, and is destined to split the congregation: “From the liberal point of view, there will be parts of the church that will be disappointed with this decision,” says a spokesman. “Generally though, the more conservative side of the church will be happy with the decision.”

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  • Sami

    Australian Christianity is very conservative, especially compared to their Canadian cousins.

    For instance, the Anglican Archdiocese of Sydney is the most conservative (socially, liturgically and theologically) in all of Anglicanism. They are far from pro-gay rights, even though a high percentage of its population is LGBT!

  • jason

    Australia is a backward hole.

  • Tallskin

    @Jason. “Australia is a backward hole.

    Maybe. But I hope you’re not writing from the USA, cos that is also a backward hole with regards to religion and gay equality.

    But maybe I am mistaken in assuming you’re writing from the USA

  • alan brickman

    Gays pay taxes…launch a class action suit in the billions to make them rethink that…

  • Clare

    wow, they found a way to make discrimination legal.. based on the money they receive. Interesting that they call themselves a church who follows the teachings and unconditional love of Jesus.

    @ Tallskin

    The US is backwards, I am from there and I proudly proclaim this. That is why I’m surprised about Australia, but then again I don’t know very much about it over there.

  • Clare

    and by proudly proclaiming the backwardness of the US, I mean I have no problem discussing how terrible it is here for people who are different. Race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, social economic status…

    Over here Catholic and Christian institutions are firing employees based on sexual preferences. We are paying ethnic minorities less than whites for the exact same jobs, we are denying tenure to inspiring professors of different backgrounds. We are allowing Churches to protest at soldiers and other high profile funerals because they are “protected by the first amendment”

    We are driving up the cost of a college education so that those less fortunate will remain less fortunate for the rest of their lives having to pay for an education that has less and less significance in this country.

    we are shipping jobs overseas and waiting for every new cell phone, computer, gadget to make our lives easier while we rape 3rd world countries for their precious resources

    our government is attempting to quiet those who are telling the truth about all the thousands of civilians we have killed. We are not being told the truth about why we are at war and why our boys and girls are dying.

    Our television and media are becoming increasingly more diverse, yet each diverse character is somehow token and unreal. Shows depicting REAL life would be far too controversial. for Instance, if a show were to really display how gay youth experience high school, it would be beyond tragic. But it would open our eyes to how terrible we treat our lgbt neighbors. But since the US cannot condemn itself and its actions, we have lgbt shows that depict mostly happy, accepted and overly flamboyent youth.

    See? Nothings wrong. We Love our gay youth. We accept our ethnic and racial minorities. We live by separation of Church and State. Except, we don’t.

  • Chris

    Please dont compare the USA and Australia. It’s like comparing oranges and lemons, and Australia is no lemon.

    Regarding George Pell, pay no attention to that fool.
    a) He is old
    b) is following the rules created by a stupid institution that follows the rants of a book that was created due to chinese whispers. [remember they wrote no books in the days of Jesus etc]
    c) he is out of touch
    d) he still believes that homos and pedophiles are the same thing.

  • jason


    If Australia is so great, why does the government give taxpayer money to private institutions such as private religious schools? This seems like a bizarre thing. Doesn’t Australia have separation of church and state?

    I think Australia is very backward in many ways. This notion that Australia is gay-friendly is garbage put out by the tourism industry. I avoid Australia on all my travels.

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