Australian Cowboy Couple Makes The Case For Marriage Equality


Australia still — somehow! — does not have marriage equality. This is mostly due to a lack of backbone by their politicians, since an overwhelming majority of Australian voters supports the freedom to marry but there is still enough vocal resistance to make elected officials nervous about taking a stand.

As a result, the country’s seen a humiliating series of suggested solutions, but no actual solutions. There are a few marriage bills floating around in Parliament, but the parties are too cowardly to bring them to a vote. Some politicians have tried to duck the issue altogether by proposing a nationwide vote — which would be unbelievably expensive, incite violence against LGBT people, and ultimately be pointless and non-binding.

So while much of the world moves at a brisk pace towards marriage equality, Australia has remained stationary. Amidst this frustrating failure of leadership, Australia’s queer citizens are continuing to push their useless elected officials to do something, anything, to enact full federal equality.

A lovely new video highlights Dan and Miki, two farmers who’ve been together for six years. They seem like just the nicest guys, and they’ve got the talking points down to a T. “We don’t want anything more than anyone else, we just want the same,” says Miki. “We have now found our voice, and we’re not going anywhere.”

Dan adds, “People generally don’t bat an eyelid when Miki and I are living and working amongst other farmers. We’re just Dan and Miki, and these are our cattle.” Wonderful. Here’s hoping Dan and Miki become instant online celebrities, because we can think of nothing sweeter than to see a whole series of videos about their adorable affection and rugged life.