Australian Doctor Prescribed Chemical-Castration Drug To Gay Teenager

While California ponders banning so-called reparative therapy, a doctor in Sydney, Australia, has been barred from practicing medicine after prescribing a “gay cure” of his own to a teenage patient—namely chemical castration.

Dr. Mark Craddock, a member of the reactionary Exclusive Brethren Christian Fellowship, prescribed the drug Cyprosta, used to treat prostate cancer by blocking the production of testosterone, to an 18-year-old member of his sect, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Now, 24, the young man sent a letter to the New South Wales Health Care Complaints Commission, claiming that after he came out, a church leader “recommended that I speak to Dr Craddock on the matter, with a view to my being placed on medication to help me with my ‘problem.”’

He says Craddock prescribed him the drug after a 10-minute visit and never told him about its libidinal side effects—or that it’s also used to control sex offenders.

In a hearing earlier this summer, Craddock admitted he did not obtain a medical history, conduct a physical exam, arrange for any follow-up or suggest the boy see a therapist (something Cyprostat’s manufacturers strongly recommend). After admitting he should not have prescribed the drug, Craddock was guilty of “unsatisfactory processional conduct” and had restrictions placed on his medical registration.

Restrictions? This guy should be facing criminal charges.

But at least we know the U.S. doesn’t have the lock on quack science relating to homosexuality:  Earlier today we reported on Jim Wallace, the head of the Australian Christian Lobby, who claimed homosexuality was more of a health risk than smoking.

After hearing about this insanity, we’re gonna need a cigarette.