Australian Footballer Tricked Into Sending Racy Photos On Snapchat



Some pretty racy pictures of an Australian footballer have hit the Internet and he’s not too pleased about it.

Photos of the AFL athlete, whose name has been kept anonymous, leaked online earlier this week after the young man fell victim to an internet catfish he met on Snapchat.

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The naive athlete says he thought he was sending his revealing selfies to a woman. The deal was, he’d show her his and then she’d show him hers. Well, it turns out, she was actually a he, and those naughty selfies ended up on at least one adult website, the Herald Sun reports.

The young footballer is reportedly now horrified and being counseled by his fellow AFL mates, who have issued a reminder to everyone that sending images of oneself is not only risky, but it’s against the club’s official social media policy.

In a statement, the club said: “This incident serves as a stark reminder to anyone out there exchanging explicit and private material, online or via social media, to reconsider their actions, because the person they think they’re communicating with could turn out to be someone else with malicious intentions.”

The club is also said to be considering legal action against the guy who tricked the footballer into sending the pics.

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