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Australian Olympian Dominic Clarke blasts unreal body standards for athletes


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“With the expectation from society and social media of what Olympic athletes should look like, and pressure from a subjective sport, the normalization of fluctuation and diversity with our bodies as athletes isn’t spoken about enough. I gave my body and brain months to recover post the Olympics out of the gym, naturally I wasn’t going to look how I did at the peak fitness after a month of rest, but I didn’t expect to worry about taking my shirt off at training from fear of being judged by ‘not looking athletic enough’ when I know that’s not the case…Not all gymnasts have big biceps, not all divers have an 8 pack, and high performance doesn’t have an ideal body type.”Gay Olympic gymnast Dominic Clarke, pushing back against unreal beauty standards for athletes. Clarke took to Instagram to slam followers that have accused him of getting soft following his competition at the Olympics.