Australian Organizers Take Over Homophobic Politician’s Website

Same Sex Marriage Rally, State Library of Victoria, Swanston and La Trobe Sts, Melbourne City, Victoria, Australia 091128-17Would you believe, a politician who says terrible things bout queer people is kind of an idiot who can’t manage his own affairs?

Cory Bernardi has a reputation in Australia for making life miserable for LGBTs. He compared homosexuality to sex with animals — gooooooood job — and his latest crusade is attacking a “safe schools” initiative.

You read that right. He hates safe schools. Bernardi says that it’s “dangerous” and “brainwashing” to provide anti-bullying measures in schools, and he’s pushed the government to launch an investigation into the program. “This is a great first  step to getting this program de-funded and taken out of our schools,” said an anonymous source with the Australian Christian Lobby. Gee whiz, what a shock, a religious group that wants free reign to attack queer kids, that’s never ever happened before.

Well, maybe while he was dealing with the speck of dust in the eyes of LGBTs, he should have dealt with the splinter in his own. Bernardi forgot to renew the registration on his website, and now says “compassion lives here. Coming soon.” And there’s a big rainbow flag. Well, that’s some good news for queer Australians.

Apparently some LGBT organizers were able to swoop in and claim the registration while Bernardi was busy bullying children. Nicely done! Now, what will they use that website for? Perhaps a link to youth LGBT resources? Or maybe some organizing to legalize same-sex marriage? For some reason, even though countries like America have the freedom to marry, Australia continues to drag its feet on allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry.