Australian Rugby Star Beau Ryan Goes Completely Nude To Host News Program

beau-ryan-naked-footy-showRetired Australian rugby star and certified dreamboat Beau Ryan promised his fellow co-hosts on The Footy Show earlier this year that he would return to host an entire show “completely nude” if New South Wales won the State of Origin Series.

On May 28, New South Wales won the 2014 State of Origin Series.

Last night, Ryan returned to fulfill his promise to The Footy Show fans and hosted the entire program compltetely naked. No robes, tiny underwear, cock socks or gimmicks (except for that hateful mask covering his peen during the entrance, which he removed before he sat down). And because Australian television doesn’t abide by the same archaic Puritanical rules as American television, this 29-year-old’s beautiful ass was on full, uncensored display for all to see.

Check out some screenshots from the event below, as well as a clip from the show via Beau Ryan’s Facebook page. Below that, the cheeky plug the show ran before Ryan’s appearance.

juneBeau Ryan2

juneBeau Ryan4


(click photo for the uncensored version!)

h/t DNA

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    Recipient of an ass graft from a midget or whaa?!?! :(

  • hotshot70

    it’s like he had “shrinkage” on both sides!

  • Horse Lips

    Love how the guy on the right is just staring at Beau’s penis in both photos.

  • Daveliam

    So no frontal from this, right? I tried to watch the full episode, but I have to be in Australia (or New Zealand, I’m assuming) to view it. All of the other clips I’ve found are teasers and the clip above without frontal shots.

  • mz.sam

    Gorgeous man! Too bad no frontal…

  • michaelmt1009

    Interesting that all the men at the desk are looking at him naked and the only woman is looking away. makes you say hummmm

  • Captain Obvious

    @Horse Lips: The guy on the right looks uncomfortable, the guy on the left is looking down with a huge grin on his face. The guy in the middle is doing the same. Those two never take their eyes off him and never look up.

    Interesting to see men treated the same way women have been treated. Though it used to be the way men were treated anyway so I guess we’ve just come full circle.

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