Australian senator moved to tears introducing Marriage Equality Bill into Parliament

An Australian Senator named Dean Smith became visibly emotional while introducing the marriage equality bill approved earlier this week in a nationwide postal vote.

“Mr President,” he said, “as a young man I never believed I could serve as a senior adviser to a Prime Minister or a Premier because I was a gay man.”

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“John Howard and Richard Court both proved me wrong. And I never believed the day would come, when my relationship would be judged by my country to be as meaningful and as valued as any other.”

That’s when he proceeded to tear up.

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“The Australian people have proved me wrong,” he added.

“Let me be clear. Amendments that seek to address other issues or which seek to deny gay and lesbian Australians the full rights, responsibilities and privileges that they already have will be strenuously opposed. Australians did not vote for equality before the law so that equality before the law that is already gained is stripped away.”


You can also watch the entire speech here: 

h/t: Towleroad

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