Australia’s Horniest Housewives, Kath & Kim, Are Back To Cause More Mischief

If your only understanding of the hilarious Aussie sitcom Kath & Kim is the abysmal American remake NBC tried to foist on us some years back, you owe it to yourself to check out the original—which sees chipper hausfrau Kath Day Knight face life’s adventures with her husband Kel and her bratty adult daughter, Kim. Imagine Roseanne meets AbFab with a pinch of Desperate Housewives thrown in.

The show was so popular Down Under that it spawned a film, the tongue-in-cheek parody Da Kath & Kim Code.

Above, check out the trailer for the new Kath & Kim movie, Kath & Kimderella. If we had to bet money we’d say it’s a Prince Charming story with a twist. Or, as the website claims, “a ritzy fairy tale of love, lust and revolution.”

Kath & Kimderella hits theaters in Australia on September 6, with an international release to be announced. Of course, some of you have your own ways of acquiring hard-to-find foreign media. Not that we’re condoning anything.

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  • DJ D

    This looks Historical!

  • Mark

    Glad they’re back! Miss ’em a lot – – sometimes hard for Americans to get the Aussie humour – –

  • Triple S

    @Mark: Yeah, in my experience, especially when I was visiting family, they just don’t get what we mean. Lots of the time, they think we’re insulting someone, but we’re just joking about it :P

    We get American humour since it’s, and please forgive me when I say; slightly unintelligent. What I mean is that it’s blatantly obvious where the joke is going and how to understand it. British and Australian humour tends to take more time to understand.

    On the subject matter, I so want to see this. Kath&Kim will never get old to me

  • dee-dee

    Richard E. Grant & Barry Humphries eh? Could do a hell of a lot worse than that.

  • Michael in Toronto


  • Cam

    The Aussie show was fun. I just didn’t get what they were trying to do with the U.S. version.

    Why not just bring the damn Aussie show over here, do they think our ears will melt if we hear and Aussie Accent? (Well maybe, but only from the hotness of it when spoken by Aussie men.)

  • Tom

    Magda Szubanski (the actress playing Sharon) yelling “LET ME OUT OF THE CLOSET” might have been one of the funniest things I’ve seen all year!

    Context: Magda just recently came out publicly as a lesbian, for those few Queerty readers not actively following Aussie pop-culture news ;)

  • brad

    OMG!!! Can’t wait for an American DVD release!!!

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