Australia’s Stupid Requirement Trans Men Turn Vaginas Into Penises

I continue to be amazed that a human being actually needs to ask somebody else, let alone a government body that is a man-made construct, to be allowed to be a certain gender. Like the two trans men in Australia who have to sue their own government in order to be considered male, because after winning in court the right to check “M,” the attorney general got worried that somebody who is male could still bear children, and that would confuse everyone, so the office appealed and was shot down, sort of, by the Court of Appeal, which said fertility isn’t a factor, but having male genitalia is, and because the two trans men didn’t have below-the-waist surgery, they’re still women. So unless they pay, like, tens of thousands of dollars, they must just … deal.

Especially because, according to one of the complainants, that type of gender reassignment isn’t even legal there. So the government considers these two to be ladies, but their passports say male, and I can only imagine what would happen if they tried to marry a woman. OR A MAN!

They’re appealing their case to Australia’s High Court.