Scandal or Just Socialization?

Austrian Politico Kicks It With Drunk Young Men

Austrian tongues are wagging over ultra-conservative Jorg Haider’s wild night out:

Last week, the former leader of the right-wing Freedom Party visited a club known for its parties offering extremely cheap drinks. Haider partied there till 3 am, buying several rounds of drinks for the clubbers.

The proud club owner put pictures of the 57-year-old on his website, showing Haider closely hugging several young men, drink in hand.

Haider rejected any accusations of improper behaviour. “The governor is known for his open dealings with young people,” his spokesman said.

Haider’s long been haunted by homo-flavored rumors. Newspaper The Tageszeitung began chatting about Haider’s sexuality over a decade ago and the paper’s editors claim to have proof of the politician’s gay ways, including evidence that he enjoys the company of teenage boys. “Open dealings with young people,” indeed…