Small World

Austrian Theme Park Takes Lesbian Family For A Ride

It’s a world of tears for a lesbian couple who tried to buy  tickets to an Austrian theme park: They were turned down for a discount because they weren’t considered a family.

At Klagenfurt’s Minimundus, an outdoor park featuring scale versions of some of the world’s greatest architectural feats, a lesbian couple and their two kids were told they had to pay full price instead of the reduced-rate family ticket advertised on the park’s website, the Austrian Times reports.

The discount, available for “a father and/or mother with their own children,” came to 4 Euro (about $5).

Theme park director Hannes Guggenberger explained it was “obvious” the couple did not meet the requirements, and family recognition is decided upon by the Austrian government: “We don’t want to discriminate against anybody, but it’s out of our hands,” Guggenberger told the Times.

The women paid the full fare and went into the park, where they proceeded to climb the Empire State Building and act out a lesbian version of King Kong.

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