Author of TN’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill Compares Homosexuality To Shooting Heroin

stacey-campfieldWhat’s the process of impeaching a state senator? Do you actually have to be from said state? We ask because Tennessee’s Stacey Campfield needs to sit down and shut the hell up for the good of everyone.

The author of the socially regressive and just plain stupid “Don’t Say Gay” bill — which would prohibit the discussion of homosexuality in schools till the eighth grade and in its reincarnated form, require teachers to out students to their parents — has once again openly insulted the gays.

In an interview with TMZ, the Senator and frontrunner for worst person ever said that homosexuality is dangerous before comparing it to shooting heroin.

“The homosexual community gets AIDS at a 50 times higher rate than the heterosexual community,” Campfield claimed. When asked about the problem of AIDS in Africa, the sentient anal fissure explained that sodomy is simply “more prevalent in Africa than it is in America.”

First of all, when someone makes TMZ look like a bastion of common sense and decency, there’s definitely something wrong. Second of all — *cough* Racist *cough*.

Campfield grew more irate during the course of the interview — he seemed to take serious umbrage with the gays shoving things down his throat — and when he was finally asked why schools shouldn’t teach gay kids how to protect themselves from HIV, the former Hee-Haw stand-in responded:

“You know, you could say the same thing about kids who are shooting heroin. We need to show them the best ways to shoot up. No, we don’t. Why do we have to hypersexualize little children? Why can’t we just let little kids be little kids for a while?”

Duh. Because they make the best gay heroin addicts. Get ’em while they’re young, Campfield. Get ’em while they’re young.

(h/t: The Raw Story)

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  • JasonMacBride

    Q: What has an IQ of 80 and 50 teeth?

    A: The Tennessee legislature.

  • hephaestion

    Stacy Campfield has to be a Closet Case to make such absurd comments, clearly intended to deflect suspicions of his own orientation.

  • watching1

    Let me see if I understand this correctly. He thinks being gay is like shooting heroin because it feels so damn fantastic that it can’t be good for you? Poor soul. He’d better be careful about the company he keeps, since most of those guys are simply repressed, and we all know it. Yet another person damaged by homophobia, and who insists on perpetuating it.

  • Dakotahgeo

    If Tennessee had ANY integrity, they’d boot this guy’s a$$ out of the Legislature so fast he’d get whiplash… in every part of his body. Geeezzz, what a douche!

  • Levyr

    He should just shut the hell up.

  • hyhybt

    At least this adds variety. Getting compared to alcoholics all the time gets boring.

  • Jorval

    I grew up with Stacey, went to high school with him. Can’t say what he is now, but he was queerer than a three dollar bill while in high school, although he wasn’t well liked. Stalked quite a few guys, got beat up on more than occasion….

  • Eric Auerbach

    Homophobes like this really bring out the best in Lester’s writing. “Sentient anal fissure” was especially hilarious.

  • monroeplace

    I think it’s time to look at the PEOPLE who voted for this guy. He’s an idiot, a homophobe and probably a closet case who has the consent of many people from his state. Visit many of the states in the South. Scary.

  • Chad Hunt

    How long before we see this one caught with his pants down, shooting heroin, while trying to blow an undercover cop at some public park or rest area? I’m taking bets.

  • Aidan8

    Hillbilly much?

  • Harley

    The repugnant-clans have gerrymandered this country so bad they could run a dead cat and win the election (machele bachman, anyone?). The exact same thing they want to do to the national electoral college. Scary what the party of the new- nazis in this country are trying to do. Sounds like the fourth reich is growing strong in America. And it’s not a progressive movement either. Arbeit Macht Frei.

  • hyhybt

    @Harley: The idea of expanding gerrymandering to the electoral college is foolishly short-sighted anyway.

  • Rakmusen

    @Jorval: Jorval, at the risk of becoming a sh*t-stirrer, I think you need to help make that info a little more well-known. I’ll help you any way I can if you’re so inclined.

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