Tragedy And Terror

Authorities Claim The Bastille Day Killer Was Bisexual


The man who careened a truck through a crowd of revelers celebrating Bastille Day in Nice was allegedly bisexual, and used dating sites to meet both men and women for sex.

37-year-old Mohamed Labouaiej Bouhlel, who ISIS describes as a “soldier of Islam,” killed 84 people on July 14th during the attack.

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After police shot and killed Bouhlel, they examined his phone to try to understand his motivations and track down accomplices.

Newsweek reports he kept photos of “both female and male conquests on his phone,” despite bisexuality and homosexuality being forbidden in Islam.

Friends and relatives claim he didn’t behave like a devout Muslim until only very recently.

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Speaking to The Local, his father Mohamed Mondher Lahouaiej-Bouhlel said, “He didn’t pray, he didn’t fast, he drank alcohol. He even took drugs.”

Reportedly, there was at least one man he saw regularly and considered a boyfriend: a 73-year-old retiree.

According to a neighbor, Bouhlel went crazy after his wife left him: “He defecated everywhere, he cut up his daughter’s teddy bear and slashed the mattress. I don’t think there was a radicalization issue, I think there was a psychiatric problem.”