Average Beijingers Sound Off On Gay Men: “I Think They Are Repulsive”

lgbt2A recently surfaced video showing the average Beijinger’s take on the LGBT community is proving that gay life in the Chinese capital is probably pretty grim.

When asked whether they would “be friends with” a gay man, nearly everyone in these random on-the-street interviews expresses some kind of disgust. After hearing the question, one young man recoils and says, “Gay men in China are so effeminate…I just think they are repulsive.”

Another man adds: “We should give [gay] men testosterone injections.”

Strangely, their attitudes toward bisexuals and transgender people seem to be more accepting. “They probably have a good reason for surgery,” one woman says, referring to transgender people. She added that she would not only be friends with a transgender person, but would openly accept a transgender relative’s decision to transition.

The video appears to have been commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme to gauge the public’s reaction to the new pro-LGBT voice of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who openly condemned Russia’s persecution of LGBTs in February.

In the video, he commends the Being LGBT In Asia initiative, an organization working to end stigma against LGBTs in Asia. “I stand with you,” he says. “The UN is here to support your efforts in building a world of equality and justice.”

h/t Shanghaiist