Awesome Lesbian Air-Force Vet Cycles Across The Country For Troops

If the Olympics weren’t already making you feel like a lazy human, five veterans are biking across the country to raise awareness about the transition back to civilian life. 
The Long Road Home Project—a 90-day, 4,200-mile benefit ride from Washington State to Washington, DC— kicked off July 15 and is expected to wind up in the Nation’s Capital on October 14.  Riders are raising funds—and awareness—for Operation First Response, which aids veterans suffering from PTSD and physical injuries.
Air Force veteran Marie Tracy (a.k.a. “Captain Marty) is also riding to shed light on LGBT diversity in the military.  Tracy, who spent six years in the Air Force and recently completed a tour in Afghanistan, came out publicly after Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed. “The hardest part of being gay and in the military is just having someone telling you that’s all you are,” she says in the video above. “And I’m a lot more than that.”
Ride, Marty, ride!

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  • n900mixalot

    Getting tired of hearing about veterans…

  • Daez

    Unless there is some sort of family trend there are currently only two reasons to join the military…

    1) You do not know where your next meal is coming from and it is better than living under a bridge and starving to death. A lot of homeless youth seem to fit that trend.

    2) You want the legal chance to kill people. Which highly relates to mental illness.

    If the military did not exploit these two categories of people they would not have enough enlisted troops and have to institute a draft. The moment that happens, public outcry will end the war in Afghanistan.

    Also, how come only men have to register for selective service? It is sexist policies like this that feminist should seek to overturn…except, women do not want true equality, they just want to destroy male “privilege”…something that has not really existed since 1980.

  • freddie

    @n900mixalot: Sick of hearing your crap. Veterans fought and died for your ability to sit here and spew abuse at them.

  • freddie

    @Daez: You are talking absolute garbage. There are plenty of very privileged kids who sign up to the military who are not mentally ill, but simply patriotic and want to serve their country.

  • DJ

    I agree Daez, most so called “feminists” are really misandrists, and a lot of them are lesbians which is not surprising at all. Either way they are NOT for equality between both genders at all.

  • JohnsonR

    I BELIEVE I WAS STATIONED IN AFGANISTAN WITH YOU Marie Tracy!!!!!! how can i get ahold of you??

  • DrewSF

    JohnsonR-I would look on facebook, or on the youtube video linked she probably has accounts on both, or contact the people who run THE LONG ROAD HOME PROJECT that’s linked in the above article. Good luck!

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