Awesome Lesbian Air-Force Vet Cycles Across The Country For Troops

If the Olympics weren’t already making you feel like a lazy human, five veterans are biking across the country to raise awareness about the transition back to civilian life. 
The Long Road Home Project—a 90-day, 4,200-mile benefit ride from Washington State to Washington, DC— kicked off July 15 and is expected to wind up in the Nation’s Capital on October 14.  Riders are raising funds—and awareness—for Operation First Response, which aids veterans suffering from PTSD and physical injuries.
Air Force veteran Marie Tracy (a.k.a. “Captain Marty) is also riding to shed light on LGBT diversity in the military.  Tracy, who spent six years in the Air Force and recently completed a tour in Afghanistan, came out publicly after Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed. “The hardest part of being gay and in the military is just having someone telling you that’s all you are,” she says in the video above. “And I’m a lot more than that.”
Ride, Marty, ride!