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The most #awkward moment caught on video between Donald and Melania yet

So Donald Trump gave a speech at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland last Friday and it was suuuuper awkward. He brought Melania along to introduce him. After welcoming her husband to the stage, the married couple shook hands and… Wait, what?

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That’s right, folks. No warm embrace. No peck on the cheek. It was firm, mechanical handshake before Trump gave her a nudge toward the exit and Melania robotically walked off stage:

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Trump then proceeded to launch into his speech completely unfazed:

Twitter quickly took notice. Check out what people have been saying…

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  • Brody

    So refreshing to see sites like this striving to bring us all together rather than inciting division through ideological rhetoric.

    • Iowa Rex

      Ideological rhetoric? What on earth are you talking about? Do you even know what ideological means?

    • BigWill

      You are so dim, Mo. Go back to StormFront.

    • o.codone

      Dear MoBro, I still love you and, as always, you’re right. Also, where’s Media Guy? I loved him too. Media Guy was sometimes a bit too edgy though. So, tell me, how does Queerty benefit by deleting guys who have something to say? I would think it’s better to burn the house down with passion than have a boring, highly-regulated comments section where posters are only allowed to say what Queerty wants to hear. C’mon Queerty, it used to be a lot more interesting with the name calling, bit*ching, back-stabbing and character assassination. I think you might have lost a few dozen readers when the controversial ones were axed. Let’s turn this back into the free-for-all it once was. It was fun.

    • DCguy

      @ o.codone

      That awkward moment when you are pretending to compliment one of your other screenames and you FORGET WHICH SCREENAME YOU WERE PREVIOUSLY SIGNED IN AS!! LOL!!!!

  • Bob LaBlah

    I really do feel sorry for her. She has attended few if any social events alone for a first lady and is appearing more and more like a modern day Eva Braun. Eva never smiled during dinner and never laughed at any jokes. Melania is in the same position. Those women are proof money and power do not bring happiness to everyone involved.

    • throwslikeagirl

      I don’t feel sorry for her at all. It may not be what she originally signed up for, but since she’s become first lady she’s done very little to dispel folk’s opinion of her as more of an employee than a wife. She seems to be without charm, but she certainly had time to hone the craft of it before he jumped into the political arena. It’s not like they were a completely low-profile couple.

    • Roy Moss

      Why feel sorry for her? She sold herself. If he’s not keeping his side of the bargain she could leave.

  • Clay83

    Firstly I am not defending Trump, however its being very over dramatic saying that he pushed her off stage, he seemed to have his hand on her back, I do this kind of thing often when saying goddbye to people.

    • GayEGO

      Don’t make excuses for Trump not acting respectably as our 45th as he is in public, you are not.

  • GayEGO

    My husband and I hug and kiss every night! It does look like he nudged her to leave because he does that sort of thing. Look at his fake video of him hitting Hillary with a golf ball! Such a disgusting 45th.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      At least it’s not the front this time.

  • Robert-in-Seattle

    It’s not so much the handshake that’s to be questioned, but the fact that Melania turned her head away as he leaned in for “The Kiss.” That’s more evidence that she’s only there for the exposure and the money.

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