Ax Falls As HX Releases Thrifty Black Party Issue

Perpetually troubled New York fag rag HX made some staff changes yesterday. And there are more in the works, according to a reader:

This week, HX Media Creative Director Matt Farris, who just returned to the company last year after a seven year absence, was laid off.

In addition, The New York Blade will be appearing only every other week, so editor in chief Trenton Straube was reduced to half time. The head bookkeeper’s hours were also reduced and ad salespeople were recently told that there base salaries were being taken away, leaving them to exist on commissions.

Spin-off rag HX Phildelphia [sic] will be shuttered shortly. Rumors also have that some staff
members are not being paid consistently.

This tipster also took some time to bash Genre editor Neal Boulton, who’s acting as editorial director for HX.

According to this person, Boulton’s talk about trash talking HX staffers is really just a way for him to leak stories about himself and point the finger. Shocking.

Meanwhile, in other HX news, editor Brandon Voss sent us some pictures from this week’s Black Party issue. Voss included a note, which we’ve included, explaining the issue’s shoot and taking some shots at main competitor, Next Magazine.

From the always inventive Voss:

We really liked what Next Magazine did for their Black Party Fashion issue this year, but for ours–which is traditionally out the week directly before Black Party, so that it’s still available when out-of-town Black Party revelers begin streaming in–we chose to focus on the “youth” aspect of this year’s “Dangerous Black Party for Boys” theme.

Our pictorial, shot exclusively for HX by Wilson Models, is entitled “Bad Boys Club,” and it’s inspired by the idea of an all-gay Fight Club. We tried to keep in mind that the younger attendees this year likely don’t have the budget for the full harness/ball-gag/leash/saddle ensembles that the older crowd typically wears, so we wanted to show how one could easily “blacken” up a pair of jeans or a bare bod with a few key, modestly priced items or leather accessories.