AZ Committee Passes Discriminatory Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill

unisex-bathroom-signYesterday the Appropriations Committee approved a measure that would discriminate against transgender people who want to use bathrooms of the gender with which they identify.

The committee, led by Republican urinal cake Rep. John Kavanagh, voted 7-4 to move the  bill, SB1045, to the House for consideration.

Calling the bill “over the top” and “an embarrassment to our state,” Democrats on the committee all voted against SB1045. But after hearing hours of testimony denouncing the bill, Kavanagh and his six Republican comrades quickly approved it anyway.

Kavanagh pushed SB1045 after failing to pass a similar bill last week, SB1432 — the “Papers Before You Pee” bill — which would have made it illegal for people to use a restroom that did not match their biological gender.

SB1045, on the other unwashed hand, protects businesses from civil or criminal liability for discriminating against transgender people who have to go potty, effectively rendering local LGBT nondiscrimination laws unenforceable.

Either way, both bills were developed in response to the recent passage of Phoenix’s LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance. Kavanagh claims SB1432 went too far and that he rewrote it following criticism (from everyone).

“What I’m doing is pre-empting these cities from prosecuting businesses that say they want separate (facilities),” he said at yesterday’s hearing. “I’m basically resetting the clock to before Phoenix passed the law.”

What time is that again, Kavanagh? 1953?