And Mexican Brothels, Too!

AZ. Pol Takes On Gay “Genital Drives”

Anti-gay activists can be pretty scary, but there are also times when their irrational lunacy becomes comic. Consider, for example, Tuscon-based Congressional hopeful – and thirteen time loser – Joe Sweeney.

When asked by a local journalist to discuss gay marriage, he starts by decrying the “social chaos” and then, in an unexpected twist of hilarious insanity, equates gay loving – aka “genital drives” – with Mexican whorehouses. The reporter’s rightfully confused. Too bad Sweeney’s explanation veers even further into madness.

Read and watch, after the jump.

Q: So, again I’m going to ask the same question I asked Mr. Chewning. Basically, a secular reason why two consenting adults of the same sexual orientation should not be married or allowed to be married.

Sweeney: Well because it’s addictive and it creates social chaos, social problems.

Q: Just out of curiosity, what would you base that on?

Sweeney: Well I would base that on the fact that people come together with their genital drives, and they either bridle their genital drives – and that’s what a marriage contract is supposed to be about – or they just go around acting like they can go whoring down in Nogales or prostituting anywhere they want, they can do whatever they want with their bodies…And that’s what happens at Nogales every night when they go down there whoring and causing all the social strife. Now they got those kids in the whorehouses in Nogales coming up here to Tucson to be anchor babies. You know I’ve witnessed that stuff.

Q: Just out of curiosity, what do you think that homosexuals have to do with whorehouses in Mexico?

Sweeney: Oh, I don’t know. We’ve got the only Southwest weekly newspaper, we’ve got more homosexuals down here than we’ve got a lot of other kinds of people.

Q: Again, what does that got to do with whorehouses in Mexico?

Sweeney: Well, what happens is you get what I call a hedonistic attractiveness to do anything and everything with your genital drive . ….

Q: Again, are the homosexuals frequenting the whorehouses?

Sweeney: I wouldn’t be surprised. Anything can happen around this town. We’ve got gay bars down on Fourth Avenue …

Good god! Gay bars on Fourth Avenue? When will the nightmare end?! Haven’t the homophobes of the world suffered enough?

Meanwhile, who thinks Sweeney looks like Freddy Krueger’s grandfather?