And Mexican Brothels, Too!

AZ. Pol Takes On Gay “Genital Drives”

Anti-gay activists can be pretty scary, but there are also times when their irrational lunacy becomes comic. Consider, for example, Tuscon-based Congressional hopeful – and thirteen time loser – Joe Sweeney.

When asked by a local journalist to discuss gay marriage, he starts by decrying the “social chaos” and then, in an unexpected twist of hilarious insanity, equates gay loving – aka “genital drives” – with Mexican whorehouses. The reporter’s rightfully confused. Too bad Sweeney’s explanation veers even further into madness.

Read and watch, after the jump.

Q: So, again I’m going to ask the same question I asked Mr. Chewning. Basically, a secular reason why two consenting adults of the same sexual orientation should not be married or allowed to be married.

Sweeney: Well because it’s addictive and it creates social chaos, social problems.

Q: Just out of curiosity, what would you base that on?

Sweeney: Well I would base that on the fact that people come together with their genital drives, and they either bridle their genital drives — and that’s what a marriage contract is supposed to be about — or they just go around acting like they can go whoring down in Nogales or prostituting anywhere they want, they can do whatever they want with their bodies…And that’s what happens at Nogales every night when they go down there whoring and causing all the social strife. Now they got those kids in the whorehouses in Nogales coming up here to Tucson to be anchor babies. You know I’ve witnessed that stuff.

Q: Just out of curiosity, what do you think that homosexuals have to do with whorehouses in Mexico?

Sweeney: Oh, I don’t know. We’ve got the only Southwest weekly newspaper, we’ve got more homosexuals down here than we’ve got a lot of other kinds of people.

Q: Again, what does that got to do with whorehouses in Mexico?

Sweeney: Well, what happens is you get what I call a hedonistic attractiveness to do anything and everything with your genital drive . ….

Q: Again, are the homosexuals frequenting the whorehouses?

Sweeney: I wouldn’t be surprised. Anything can happen around this town. We’ve got gay bars down on Fourth Avenue …

Good god! Gay bars on Fourth Avenue? When will the nightmare end?! Haven’t the homophobes of the world suffered enough?

Meanwhile, who thinks Sweeney looks like Freddy Krueger’s grandfather?

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  • Mike in MO

    This dude is screaming closet!

  • Lee

    OMG! He sounds like the loon in Dr. Strangelove who kept going on about how the commies are trying to pollute our vital juices.

    If Freddy Krueger’s grandfather and James Hartline had a love child, it would be Joe Sweeney.

  • Tom

    Is this guy the Republican nominee? He’s a nut, and make that 14th time loser.

  • mark

    Sweeney = cure for gay genital drive

    I know he scared my dick,

    there, there, penis, the video of homely scarey phobe is over.

  • mark

    I think we found Bay Buchanan’s daddy….ugh


    Make that fourteen time Loser. And hopefully there won’t be a fifteen time either the old fart has 1 foot in a retirement home and the other in the grave.

  • Darth Paul

    LMAO, Lee- *perfect* references for this twatflap!

  • key

    This should prove to everyone that not all the crackpot politicans are from Oklahoma.

  • queryourself

    Things have changed so much over the years in the UK. You just don’t get people like Sweeney seriously active in public life. I’m not saying that things are great, but from left and right, there wasn’t a political party that opposed Civil Partnerships. They’re all desparate to appear as gay friendly as possible. It just isn’t a political issue any more.
    Move to the UK.

    ps. I think someone should someone tell zoomnonth that he’s probably wasting his time posting his ads on this site.

  • WillieHewes

    Queryourself, in you view, is Northern Ireland part of the UK?

    Also, have you been up on the news?

  • queryourself

    Technically; but, no, not really. But even that bacward place the equality laws apply.

    And yes.

    And it’s a damn sight better in jolly old England than just about anywhere else you could mention. Nothing is ever perfect. But the most important thing is that the law treats everyone the same. And that is not the case in most countries of the world. Period. The UK should be given credit for taking the lead in this. And if you’re going to say that Civil Partnerships are second class marriages – don’t. It’s a silly argument. And if you’re going to say that gay people still experience discrimination, and violence – don’t. Government can’t legislate to make people like each other – but so long as the law treats everyone the same, that’s good enough for me.
    God save the queen (and David Cameron)

  • Brian Miller

    if you’re going to say that Civil Partnerships are second class marriages – don’t. It’s a silly argument.

    I love it when Englishmen make this argument.

    Of course civil partnerships are second-class marriages. The government even embedded penalties that imprison clergy who conduct a same-sex “marriage” to underscore that civil partnerships aren’t marriage but something “less.”

    While it’s an incremental improvement, it’s an incremental improvement in the way that segregated “separate but equal” schools in the Deep South were a step up from Jim Crow. It’s still segregation, and not equal treatment under the law, period.

  • queryourself

    I’m sorry but you’re being daft. The reason that it’s not a “marriage” is because it would have been much more difficult to get it onto the statute books if that word had been used. I’m not (and nor are many other people) hung-up on a word – when the end result is the same.
    What should the government have done – pick a needless fight with the church which could have held the legislation up? No. They made the right decision – and because of that they got cross-party support.
    Sometimes one has to be pragmatic. But, then again, some people like to feel that they’re being victimized.

    And how could the government embed penalties that imprisson clergy who conduct same-sex “marriages”? There is no such thing in this country as a same-sex “marriage” – it has no meaning in law. So a priest cannot cannot break the law. He can’t do anything other than give a blessing. I don’t know where you got your information from but I can assure you that he wouldn’t be marched to the Tower for that. American’s seem to have some strange ideas about this country.
    And to compare this with the Jim Crow laws is ridiculous.
    Try going to Iran or Jamaica and you’ll see gay people who have real problems – not made-up ones.

  • Steve

    “You know I’ve witnessed that stuff.”

    Where does one have to go in order to witness the stuff that goes on in whore houses?

    Seems like the candidate has some explaining to do. Seems to me that either he has been a customer of whore houses, or he’s lying about what he has witnessed.

    Only in America — Even crackpots are allowed to run for office. Fortunately, most people recognize them, and do not vote for them.

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