Azealia Banks Drops More F-Bombs, Dumps On GLAAD, Media

Azealia BaAzealia-Banksnks got into a beef with Perez Hilton last month when she called the gossiphound a “messy faggot” who should kill himself.

She then went back and tweeted about the issue, explaining “Faggot means coward, liar, backstabber, energy stealer, blood sucker.”

Apparently Banks had even more F-bombs to toss.

In an interview the other day, she told Australian journalist Callum Twigger that she resents being called out for her words.

Well, we think that’s what she said. Home girl was not making a lot of sense:

““It’s kinda bullshit, I feel it’s kinda like hypocritical. For some reason this word, ‘faggot,’ is still so offensive—it’s just strange to see why. There are all kinds of people who are against the N-word in hip-hop music, there are all kinds of people who are against hip hop music in general, because they see it as a negative influence on African American culture, you know what i mean?

Why are all these other things like murder and sex and violence and all these other things accepted, but as soon as I call one gay white man a faggot, his feelings are more important? Freedom of speech, you know, and with freedom of speech comes the freedom to be offended, you know?”

Fuck being a faggot, fuck being a nigger. Fuck being whatever. There are such bigger problems… and then you’ve got organizations like GLAAD, which are fucking complete bullshit. I mean let’s look at it, it’s gay and lesbian alliance against defamation, or whatever?  that’s what it stands for, right? I mean would you agree that homosexuals, and the homosexual community, have bigger problems than the word faggot, you know what I mean?”

No, Azealia we don’t know what you mean.

Those of us who aren’t celebrities don’t believe our shit don’t stink. We’re not constantly told how amazing and talented we are. We don’t think we’re being victimized when actually we’re being incredibly obnoxious.

…If you’re trying to call me a homophobe, you’re basically trying to imply that I’m insulting you for having sex with men. I have sex with men too – what the fuck? I have sex with men and women, do I have to take a picture of my licking a fucking pussy? What the fuck! It doesn’t make any sense. It’s so stupid. It’s so stupid and it’s so evil.

It’s just, like, this stupid fucking media shit, you know what I mean? It’s the media shit. And this is why I go about myself the way the way I go about myself, and I do whatever the fuck I want. If the media is going to build me up to tear me down, you motherfuckers are not going to tear me down.“I just make these fucking raps, and I’m just gonna wear these outfits, and fucking live my life. I can’t deal with you motherfuckers, I don’t have time for this shit.”

Broke With Expensive Taste, Banks’ debut album is expected out next month.



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  • makino

    look azalea isnt homophobe and hes fighting with perez and we know perez is an ass and tacky tacky tacky….its their private fight and azalea is bisexual…..and GLAAD actually gets in some personal matters that they are not related to this time….azalea is the victim here for even backing up douche perez……lets not point fingers on her…its perez fault and glaad just over reacts

  • Cagnazzo82

    How exactly are people trying to paint a bisexual as a homophobe? That’s pretty ridiculous.

    I have no love for Azaelia Banks (nor am I even familiar with her music), but this whole witchhunt against one gay person fighting with another gay person is inconsequential (in the grand scheme of things).

    Plus Perez Hilton is a giant douche. Let him fight his own battles for once. He spends all day insulting people on his blog, so he should be able to take some of what he dishes out.

  • 2eo

    Who the fuck is Azealia Banks and why the fuck does this fucking talentless media whore think anything out of her fucking mouth is worth a fuck?

  • ncman

    African Americans can use the N-word because it refers to them. The F word refers to a gay man. Banks is NOT A GAY MAN. So, she has no claim to use the word. Anyone who thinks she has a pass to use the word is also saying that a white person or a Latino can use the N-word or a gay man could use the word dyke or trannie. None of these is acceptable.

  • Red Meat

    I hate GLAAD too so, drag em Azealia!

  • Kieran

    We all know how this will play out. This talentless bimbo will at some point issue an insincere and condescending apology and then announce her intention to do one of those inane “it gets better” publicity videos.

    Btw, we all know if Perez Hilton had referred to Azaleia as “a messy n*gger”, the media would be on his ass like white on rice, his career would be declared over, and he’d probably be arrested for “inciting hate speech” or something.

  • samfw

    I find it mind-numbingly stupid that this much virtual ink is being wasted on a story about this talentless, incomprehensibly stupid woman and Perez Hilton, surely one of the most repellent people in the United States.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I’m sure Ms. Banks had no issue calling a white gay man a faggot, because most black women are anti-gay when it comes to white men. But she will never call a black man a faggot, because she knows her black audience will turn on her, and that black man will go Chris Brown on her ashy black ass.

  • 2eo

    @samfw: Gives a few self righteous clods a chance to get indignant. That makes it acceptable in a playing to the lowest denominator kind of reporting.

  • the other Greg

    As a gardener I feel sorry for the poor azalea (properly spelled), which is such a beautiful plant. Although now it seems appropriate that it’s referred to as an “ACID-LOVING” plant!

    Maybe this Azealia just needs the right fertilizer and some pruning.

  • Brian

    Women who invent their bisexuality for the purpose of titillating straight guys are often the most homophobic women around. Their sexuality is actually a form of prostitution.

  • Happyemblmer

    Thank god for Azealia Banks. People are so hung up on language and political correctness. Our time and effort could be put to much better use than to vilify a BISEXUAL woman who used the same epithet as Perez Hilton has many times over. If you find her abhorrent, don’t listen to her music or support her financially, but stop telling people what to say and how to say it!

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    but stop telling people what to say and how to say it!

    Which is what you just did with your comment.

  • 2eo

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: I’m afraid pointing out hypocrisy only causes people of his ilk to explode into a series of metaphors and comparisons with the inevitable degeneration.

    You MR JONES are 600 times worse than the holocaust.

  • balehead

    Whatever..gays use this word all the time..and at straight guys….If you can fall apart over a word…then maybe you are the word….I always say…

  • balehead

    The real scandal is all the racism against minority gays by gays…..

  • 2eo

    @balehead: All c*nts say that.

  • Cobra71

    I’m really amazed that so many of the comments here are giving Azealia Banks carte blanche to continue spitting her ugly hateful bile. I’m no Perez fan but no one deserves to be on the receiving end of such horrible language and NO ONE (gay, straight, male or female) has the right say such things. I used to be a fan of Ms. Banks and I was very much looking forward to the new record but that is no longer the case. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way and I sincerely hope that her record sales and career trajectory prove this to be true. Perhaps she’ll finally realize the error of her ways when she’s relegated to working the registers at McDonald’s to pay for her tacky wigs.

  • bamboo_child

    azealia is right on this one, so much time and effort wasted on a word. the media blows up stories that are so asinine, its ridiculous. if people were truly so offended by words, then why is the N word so socially acceptable? this is a total grey area and she is entitled to her freedom of speech, even more so because she is bi herself. and perez hilton even called Will.I.Am a f*g to his face! what a big fat hypocrite

  • ncman

    @bamboo_child: The N word is not socially acceptable. No one who sn’ac bln get away with saying the N word. PERIOD.

    [email protected] is a slur that refers to a gay MAN. Banks is a bi woman, not a gay man. She doesn’t get to use the word by claiming to be part of the group the word is used against. PERIOD.

    White people don’t get to use the N word. Gay men don’t get to say dyke or trannie. And, Bi women don’t get to say [email protected]

  • Andrew

    The writer of this sounds poor and jealous.

  • Happyemblmer

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: I understand I come across as a hypocrite, but honestly, I think censorship is the lowest form of communication. My statement is a means to an end, though it actually is its own form of censorship, lucky for you I’m nobody and nobody gives a shit what I think.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    then why is the N word so socially acceptable?

    It’s only “acceptable” among black Americans–and not all of them. No one else is permitted to use that word.

    this is a total grey area and she is entitled to her freedom of speech, even more so because she is bi herself.

    She’s a bisexual woman, not a homosexual man. She does not get to use that word.

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