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Azealia Banks Says She’s Too Rich To Care If You Think She’s A Homophobe

azealia-banksIn case you’re wondering, money still doesn’t buy class.

Rapper Azealia Banks, who famously called Perez Hilton a “messy faggot” (and called for his suicide), then labeled GLAAD “fucking complete bullshit” in retaliation for being called out on her comments, enjoyed yet another Twitter feud over the weekend, this one with Vice blogger Mitchell Sunderland.

In a series of bizarre tweets that would make Amanda Bynes proud, Banks lashed out at Sunderland on Saturday night after he questioned her knowledge of twinks (in response to a previous tweet of hers that he found offensive). The rapper responded that she was a woman who “invented everything feminine” and even gave birth to gay men. She then went on to inform Sunderland that his mother pushed him “out of a pussy” and that his father “did not push you out of his dick.”

Classy, right?

When Sunderland called Banks a homophobe, she fired back with: “I INVENTED femininity, OK? don’t be mad because I have an extra hole,” adding “You gay bloggers try waving that homophobia flag at me like women are not the original source. … I own AWWWWWLLLLL of this. It’s mine.”

When Sunderland tried to end the conversation, tweeting “GOODNIGHT,” Banks replied with “and even if i am a homophobe… so wat? [sic] i still make more $ than you.. still have an extra hole.. and still own everything.”

While we’re not sure which gives Banks more license for bad behavior — her large bank account or her extra hole — there’s one thing we’re sure of: It’s a damn shame controversy doesn’t sell records, because then there might actually be a point to all of this.

Oh wait …