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  • ricky

    huh? i thought we always knew george was gay. it just never really mattered.

  • jessie

    I don’t think it was explicitly stated, but it has been strongly hinted at. I’m pretty sure it’s even in his character’s wiki.

  • Alexander

    Fantastic! I always liked the character, and (obliviously) never suspected. Oh, and I’m the only one that thought he was kinda hot in a sexy-professor kinda way?

  • YellowRanger

    He could victimize my special unit any time.

  • *J_C*

    lol yellowranger ur hilarious

  • T.L.

    LOL!! i just watched this episodes and was like ” wait i know BD Wondg is really gay, but since when is his character” BD wong did a really good job in this ep, i hope hum being gay comes up more!!!

  • hot

    BD Wong is the man, a hot man at that.

  • Sarah

    I always thought it was accepted canon that his character was gay way before the last episode…oh well. Good for him on making it official.

  • dvlaries

    Yeah, he’s out and it was no big whoop, treated as an aside, and something that was no fresh news to the other characters. Suspiciously, it feels like a piece of late exposition the show may or may not make something of later.

    If there’s a show at all later. Victim’s Unit, and even more so, the mothership Law & Order, are the most obvious casualties so far of NBC’s suicidal idea of five nights a week of Leno at 10, after 17 goddamn years of Leno at 11:30. Both shows are hemorrhaging numbers and not even showing up in the top 25 anymore. Neither was ever meant to be anything but a 10 o’clock show.

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