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  • David

    I’ve always had a crush on B.D. Wong. That’s it. I’m just letting you all know that.

  • Aaron A.

    @David: Right there with ya, David.

  • unclemike

    @David: @Aaron A.: Me three.

  • JR

    Lets just make this unanimous … me 4.

  • Sam

    I was lucky enough to see him perform at the LA STAGE benefit one year. He sang and did a slight strip-tease (tore off shirt). What a cutie!

  • adam

    Me 5! Love Asians. Sweet, sensitive, and sexy.

  • Gigi

    Who is he? :p

  • Davey Wavey's Vagina Monologue

    @adam: …Wow. I don’t know how people can say stuff like that and not see how ignorant it sounds.

  • thematics

    @adam #6: Wow that stereotype of the unassertive Asian never goes away does it. You should think twice before posting your racist blather. Make that five times.

  • David

    He has been in many movies. Father of the Bride, Jurassic Park…I didn’t mean to get anyone in trouble, but I had a crush on him first time I saw him, and was thrilled to know that he was openly gay.

  • Alex

    @Adam: Me likey Asians too— *especially* those Japanese boys. They have the cutest butts, and I love me some Japanese porn: the moaning and slurping sounds and nipple play… let me stop before I get too excited. Lol

  • Adam

    Just to be clear, I am *NOT* the same Adam who wrote comment No. 6.

    @adam: That is incredibly stereotypical. “Asia” is a continent, not a race, BTW.

  • Alex

    @Adam 12:

    I agree that Adam 6 was subscribing to one particular stereotype of Asians when he said they’re sweet and sensitive. He must not have met enough Asians to have had that one blasted away yet.

    But I disagree with the implication of the remainder of your comment. Sure, “Asia” is a continent, but there’re definitely some characteristics common to Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, etc., and unless you’re a pedant, in common conversation (at least in European and North American countries) you take that to be what is meant when someone says “Asian.” Yes— I did purposefully leave out Indians and Pakistani, because most people don’t include these groups in casual usage of the word “Asian.” Quick! If someone refers to an “American,” do you complain that you don’t know what continent much less nation they’re talking about, or do you think that they’re referring to a citizen of the United States of America?

    More to the point, if “Asian” is not to be used, how about you provide a suggestion for suitable and similarly succinct alternative to a rather long list of ethnicities?

  • Adam

    @Alex: I think you should be willing to distinguish among those ethnicities out of respect, instead of looking for convenient shortcuts that group a bunch of people together.

    I think it’s very arrogant to assume that you can group all Asians together that way. We seem to enjoy separating whites based on their ethnic or geographic origins (i.e., Irish, German, Italian, Polish, etc.), but when it comes to others, we seem to like to group them all together as if their differences in culture and customs don’t exist.

    “American” indicates a specific country and its customs in common usage; “Asian” does not, so they are not the same thing.

  • Alex

    @Adam 14:
    Do we feel the need to be more specific than African when we’re talking about people from that continent? Or European when we’re talking about people from that subcontinent? I certainly do *not* list out Irish, German, etc when the generic label European is sufficient. I don’t see why the term Asian should be considered anymore insulting, or its use any more arrogant.

    I agree it’s insulting to imply that all Asians have the same culture or customs. Of course, if the distinction matters, I will specify Japanese or Chinese, etc. But if it doesn’t, it’s just awkward to spend time and space listing ethnicities. When we’re talking about a body type shared by these ethnicities, the distinction doesn’t matter.

  • Jeffree

    Adam #6 used a stereotype of Asians as “sweet” and “sensitive”. That’s just plain ignorant. Does Adam 6 understand that not all Asians are docile and good at math?

    There’s also the distinction to be made between Asian and Asian-Americans. Calling an Asian-American just “Asian” is considered offensive by many people.

    Views on LGB stuff by Asian-Americans at my univ. seem much closer to “American” attitudes than do those Asians studying in the US but not raised here.

  • Sexy Rexy

    Michelle is looking hot in that dress.

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