“Bachelor” Ladies Slam Juan Pablo Galavis For Homophobic Remarks On Reunion Special

juan-pablo-homophobicArrogant homophobe Juan Pablo Galavis was finally taken to task for his homophobic comments on last night’s “The Bachelor: Women Tell All” special.

The 32-year-old serial dater told TV Page in January that a gay version of ABC’s The Bachelor wouldn’t be appropriate for television, because gay people are “too pervert.” He later apologized issued an awful statement regarding the incident and may or may not have given Lance Bass a call.

Host Chris Harrison noted that “viewers were shocked by how [Galavis] treated some of the women this season,” but the women were more universally shocked by his antigay sentiments.

The women used some colorful language to describe Galavis, including “disgusting,” “insecure,” “not genuine” and “disastrous,” though none were more troubled by his language than Kelly, a contestant with gay parents. She reportedly ripped into him and broke into tears.

“Coming from [having] a parent who is gay I was hurt by that,” she said.

Galavis told her again that his comments were “taken out of context.” “I love gay people,” he said. “They were born that way.”

TIME calls the moment “awkward” (how progressive!) Here’s their rundown:

Kelly, who apparently has two fathers, takes the opportunity to call Juan Pablo out on his homophobic remarks. As tears roll down her face, she demands an explanation and he refuses to give her one, saying that he wants to talk to her for an hour instead of deliver a four-minute sound bite. As the women holler at him, Sharleen, once again, defends him. She says that on their date they talked about equality and he seemed cool with it and that’s good enough for her.

Okay bye Juan Pablo! Enjoy your life of eternal obscurity, forever being referred to as “that homophobic Bachelor!”