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Back On The Job: 2 Customs Officials Who Want Strip Searched Passengers To Know If They’re Gay

In June we learned about a gay New Zealand customs officer who enjoyed strip searching travelers a little too much, at least according to co-workers Glenn Rankin and John Smith, who lost their jobs after being accused of speaking to the press about the matter. Well, they’re back at work now.

After saying their colleague “sought more than his share of strip-search assignments, made lewd comments about male passengers… and used recreational drugs,” and then leaking the information to reporters, Rankin and Smith are being reinstated but only because customs officials improperly conducted their investigation, concludes the Employment Relations Authority.

So back screening passengers are two men who believe people subject to strip searches are entitled to know the sexual orientation of the officials asking them to disrobe. In case they want to ask for the non-rapist-prone homosexuals.