Back When MTV Had VJs, There Was Dave Holmes. And He Was Out The Whole Time

Remember back in, like, the late 90s, when MTV still had “VJs” and showed “music videos,” there was a guy who was runner-up on Wanna Be a VJ? And his name was Dave Holmes? You probably didn’t know it at the time, but Dave is a big homosexual! (He came out “publicly” in 2002 in Out, though he says he was always out at the network.) And while his MTV days may be behind, his career in entertainment is not. (Best Week Ever, anyone?) This week he chats with Ben and Dave on The Six Pack and reveals a crazy secret of his web series A Drink With Dave: they’re not actually boozing it up. (Which begs the question: Is Andy Cohen merely drinking flavored water on Watch What Happens Live?)

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  • Mike

    Best Week Ever has been canceled for a while now. He sometimes contributes to truTV’s World’s Dumbest now.

  • Brandon H

    Really? I had no idea, accept when he played Jim Dangles lover on Reno 911, but I wasn’t really sure.

    I used to watch him do Say What Kareoke in high school. Would have been nice to have had a rolemodel out there on TV at the time, but cest’ la vie.

  • L

    He’s hosts FXs DVD on TV

  • ForeverGay

    Out must have buried his coming out because it hasn’t been reported anywhere else. Whenever I saw Dave I thought; typical heterosexual male, so this is a surprise to me.

  • A

    Dave’s It Gets Better video is one of the better ones.

    And his tumblr ( and twitter (@daveholmes) are pretty funny.

  • Red Meat

    MTV 90’s were the best. Period.

  • gomez

    It’s true, I worked with him back in the day, he never hid it. He’s a great guy.

    Hey Dave, I’m actually moving to LA this year, will look you up!

  • Jim

    The true is he’s not a hot guy with a great body that’s why no one cared.

  • Mike

    I don’t know, Jim, I’d still hit it. Dave? Call me!

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