Puerto Rican singer and rumored homosexual Ricky Martin came out for Hillary Clinton today. “Senator Clinton has always been consistent in her commitment with the needs of the Latino community. Whether fighting for better education, universal health care and social well-being, as First Lady and Senator from New York — representing millions of Latinos –she has always fought for what is most important for our families.” [Observer]

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  • Leandro

    I just love him:)

  • afrolito

    I heart him too, but not even his hotness can save Hillary.

  • 24play

    Hillary who?

  • flightoftheseabird

    How sad. He clings to yet another fantasy.

    1) He is straight
    2) Hillary has a chance

  • faghag

    Shame all these people didn’t come out for Hillary before.
    Incidently, I noticed that Trent from Pinkisthenewblog is also backing Hilary, but what I don’t get is why did the very lovely Mr Vanegas leave it so long before taking sides.
    It really is a shame, Hillary could’ve done with their support months ago.

  • steve


    please don’t encourage her


    I knew I always loved him for some other reason than his total physical hotness! Always had a soft spot for Puerto Ricans!! Having said that I agree with you faghag, but like the saying goes better late than never and there is still a chance to save us from a total wipe out come the general elections. 2 states plus Ricky’s birthplace still need to vote and of course Florida and Michigan need to be counted completely and then the delegates need to make the choice on who’s better
    qualified to win. And if they have half a brain of what Ricky has as he said they will see that
    she’s always been “consistent in her commitment” a
    sharp contrast from the other dubious choice.
    It’s always nice to see how nasty most of the other candidate supporters get as 3-4-5, but what can you expect from people who make threats of riots , bodily harm and even homicide if they don’t get their way.



    ********Puerto Rico for Hillary********

    Hillary for president 08′


    correction, I meant :other candidate supporters get as 2-3-4.

  • victor

    umm. Everyone forgetting that he was pro-Bush before? I love his gorgeous face and body, but his closet has grown too big for the tiny island.

  • fredo777

    That man is too sexy for words.

    Oh, wait, I just said some. Nvm.

  • Leandro

    Hilary will make history you guys just wait and you will see, hum…… Mcain Looks unhealthy and so needs anger management therapy, Obama to much BS there and Ricky haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I can still remember being on a front row seat seeing him in the Garden NY and Mohegan Sun Ct it was amazing guys gr…… I swear his back up singer was giving me dirty looks all night in both concerts,I totally think they have something or did in the past, since he was not cute at all I am so much hotter, no wonder he was checking me out all night, gr… there was a bimg bump in the frontal area OH YESSSSSS LOL

  • RPCV

    Poor Hillary. Now she sends out press releases gladly accepting endorsements from closet cases!! How desperate…

    McCain ’08

  • James

    One closet case for another. Yippee!

  • jules

    I can’t believe this was the ONE MAN I would go straight for. I was shaking my bon bon and everything. What an idiot this guy is. I can’t respect anyone at this stage who believes that Hillary has a chance. What about Barack says that he would not support Hispanic people? Do you not remember the flack he got for calling Lou Dobbs a xenophobe?

  • An Other Greek

    P-E-O-P-L-E !

    Before you skip on to the keyboard to profess/pronounce/type-in your adoration for this man,
    as James said above:
    One closet case for another.

    Get that?
    Can we be at least a little bit honest and political. (It’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing!)

    Next time a closet-case endorses another closet-case for president, take a deep breath, and ask yourselves:
    What is this really saying?
    Do Ricky’s good looks trump your own sense of reason and right?

    or, better yet: that bitch should shut the hell up and just shake shis ass!

  • Mr C

    Basically Ricky is just speaking from his (Eurocentric looks for Hillary).

    If you saw when they were both in PR The more darker skinned Ricans were with Obama and the more Caucasian looking ones were with Clinton.

    And what does he knows that she has fought for?
    As a born and bred NY’kr. The only thing I knew she did was she was able to keep Harlem Hospital from closing down. There was nothing else in NY she did that was so FANTASTIC and I’m just being honest about this. And I don’t recall her doing anything in PR at all.

    But it’s nice he is showing some interest in politics.

  • ben

    I remember his last concert being at Bush’s ’00 inauguration. He’s a poop-tard.

  • An Other Greek

    good point Ben!


    What the hell does a Harlem chimpanzee like Mr C knows about PR, alongside Argentinians, Chileans and Costaricans they are of EUROPEAN descent, even those dark skinned ones. And they don’t see themselves as Africans, I doubt that even they will vote for Hussein. But then again this thug always has to bring melanin into every post, How pathetic and shameful. Can you just go back to africa Mr C and get it over with. I’m sure if you asked a real Puerto Rican they would have a total different opinion about what senator Clinton has and will do for them.


  • hisurfer

    I’m so glad we don’t have racism in the gay community these days.


  • RPCV

    Thanks Churchill-Y for castigating Mr. C.

    Dear Mr. C: I am willing to buy you a one way ticket back to Africa if you promise NEVER to return to the USA. In fact, if you have a friend who thinks similarly to you, I’ll consider buying him/her a one-way ticket too!! Am I not nice? Not racist at all; just trying to put you out of your misery. Think about it, and let me have your final answer……….

  • Mr C


    No Bitch not a one way ticket.
    Meet me in DC face to face and then buy me a ticket.

    It’s so simple


    And Churchill shoot your Momma it’s her fault having an ignorant individual as such.

  • Insideguy

    Obama only knows one word, “Change” but how will effect it when he is dribbling with inexperience.

    McCain is so insulated he doesn’t know the cost of gasoline is putting small business out of business with skyrocketing prices and econmomic mismanagement. We can’t all marrry wealthy wives who can foot the bill. Hell, he doesn’t even want us to get married to share the expenses and health coverage plans. Has he ever paid, the mortage, the credit card bills, used a laundromat because he can’t afford his own washer and dryer. Has he ever had to put his kids to sleep in a car or a freeway underpass.

    Who actually does the work around the house or gets things done or feed a family of five on $10.00 a day women do that’s who but who notices that, Certqainly not men. At least Hillary is aware of the real problems having been in shelters, and women’s conferences. Ok, She’s rich too, no bigs, she wasn’t always. She has solid solutions to real problems. The pork barrelling of Congress needs to stop and attention must be paid. Robbing Peter to pay Paul should not be a religious tenent. Instead of paying executives $50,000,000 a year to fire people pay them 10% of that and keep America working.

    The problem is that whoever assumes the Presidency will inherit the greatest fiscal malfeasance in history. By an egotistical family that should all be strung up next Saddam Hussein. The $10.00 loaf of bread and the $20.00 gallon of gas is a small part of the crimes against humanity inflicted on us by the Bushes.

  • Afroguapo

    Churchill and RPCV can’t help themselves and couldn’t keep it classy if they were paid. Mr. C hope they can meet you in DC as I know you’d certainly knock some sense into their heads. Wimps who stand behind a computer and scream invective.

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