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PHOTOS: Go Behind The Scenes Of Lucas Entertainment’s Gentlemen

Queerty/GayCities New York Editor Jeffrey James Keyes stopped by Vlada in New York City to spend the day on shoot for Lucas Entertainment’s latest Gentlemen film (NSFW), which explores the popular infatuation of having sex with men in power. Keyes spent the morning capturing porn models Vito Gallo, Chris Daniels, Jessie Colter, Cameron Marshall, Adam Killian and Trey Turner while they prepared for their scenes, got into character, goofed around at the craft services table and prepped to film their scenes.

The newest addition to Gentlemen depicts Lucas exclusive Gallo as a street-smart writer obsessing over a man he constantly sees in a bar.  In his casual clothes, Gallo seems to go unnoticed by Daniels and his decked-out buddies but he vows to land the man he’s been lusting over. “The fascination is the slick look, the polished feel, and the masculine smell and taste of an executive man wearing a tailored suit,” says Lucas Entertainment owner Michael Lucas. “These commanding professionals are powerful, aggressive and fuck with a purpose.”

Speaking of fucking, Lucas made it clear all the actors in his movies wrap it up before getting down to business. In a recent issue of DNA Magazine he said, “Young men are most likely to watch porn than go out of their way to search for information on safe sex.  They emulate what they see in porn, so the industry has a responsibility to set a good example for them.”

Photos: Jeffrey James Keyes

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  • Triple S

    @vince: I know right? It’s alright to look at every now and again, but it’s just getting to monotonous. There needs to be something that makes it new and exciting.

  • KJM1968

    I love picture #4, the guy on the right has his name on his water bottle. It is OK to lick a guy’s butthole, just don’t drink from my water bottle!

  • Franco

    I always feel bad for these guys. It seems like such an empty life. I wonder how they’ll age considering their narcissism. I watched Lucas interview Christopher Daniels once and it was sad how easily influenced Daniels was, agreeing with Lucas that Canada was the 51st state of the U.S. and make sweeping generalizations about Canadians. For a small pay cheque he was willing to compromise his integrity and dignity without much persuasion. The video was hot though.

  • Thinks you're a POS

    @Franco: If you feel so much contempt for these guys, what is it that you find so “hot” about videos in which these same “sad,” “easily-influenced” men “compromise” their “integrity and dignity” “for a small paycheck”? Say what you want about these men: There’s no way they’re as big a piece of shit as you are.

  • Alan brickman

    If you are upset by gay porn actors then stop watching them..otherwise you just sound as jealous as usual….

  • Franco

    @Thinks you’re a POS: Wow that was a very strong reply, considering I never said I had contempt for them. That’s your word not mine. My last comment about the video being hot was a joke, and like most adults have indulged in porno. Not anything too scandalous. When you post such malicious things such as your reply to me it’s more a reflection on your character and not mine. I was giving my opinion. You were just being a jerk.

  • Thinks you're a POS

    @Franco: Yeah. Kind of went overboard there. My bad.

  • Chris

    omfg ,that is hawt! :) I LOVE men.

  • AshNYC

    Most of them go to my gym…maybe I need a new gym.

  • randy

    Well, I say amen to the premise of the storyline! As one who is rather shortchanged in the looks and sexiness department (and now getting older and balder), my only hope is to get rich and powerful. Then maybe I can bag some hot guy for once!

  • candace

    man i love male inhancement

  • Robert

    I thought is was GEORGE LUCAS! LOL

  • Denny B

    I love Lucas Entertainment. Thank you for the sneak peek into the new film – hot guys!

  • Joshua

    You fags on qweerty are ridiculous. All you do is sit and comment negatively on other people’s lives. Make a conscious effort to better yourself rather than putting others down. Pull it together and be better men. We all should do so. I applaud the qweerty editors for running an actual story of their own and not spewing negative comments and publicity. Now go ahead and start attacking my comments…you’re welcome for giving you something to do.

  • Gregory

    I’m with Joshua, I dig this slideshow. Get out of your cubicles and go for a walk instead of tearing everyone and everything apart. This is a cool profile piece, these guys are trying to do something fun and out of the box, kudos to Queerty!

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